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Canucks GM Benning on No. 6 pick: 'We're going to be using that pick'

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The quote is "We're going to be using that pick."

NOT- "We're going to be drafting with the pick."

Really could mean anything.

Words within words.

This doesn't mean he isn't trading up or down, nor that other assets won't be moved.

Benning and Linden will indeed use this and next year to leave their mark on this team and stamp it in their image.

Don't forget. GMs are famous for double speak. We have 2 missing #1 goaltenders to prove that

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Meh, who really knows. He could be white washing the whole situation and trying to keep people off balance. Which, IMHO, is great to see.

Report says that it would be used. That could be read a couple different ways.

yes interesting the timing giving the gm meetings are this week...could simply be that they want others to think that really want someone who will be there at six, and therefore don't 'need' to move up...

if you don't need to move up and its more an 'option' well the asker thinks he can't ask for as much vs, you REALLY covet someone higher who wont be available at your pick, ie Reinhart...

perhaps some gamesmanship, who knows....shall see, but regardless, if we move kesler and simply have 6 and 10, hey as long as we draft well we'll do great

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