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Best canucks man cave pics


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What are you guys, 12? :huh:

There have been a few posted over the years, but unless one of the first people to reply wants to go find one of them to tell you where to post your pictures, then go right ahead as I'm not sure there's a really recent one.

Not sure I'd post this in Canucks Talk, and a little more substance would probably be nice, but not really redundant.

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how did you make those boards GM?

It's a friend of mine who lives on Vancouver Island. That pic was taken when he was selling his home, so a lot of stuff came off the wall already. It's from a couple of years ago and I'm not sure how he did it. Sorry.

I actually posted it in one of the previous Canuck mancave thread's mentioned earlier.

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Nice how did you paint the straight lines for the canucks on the bottom?





kind of a mess right now (offseason) these are the best pics I have at the moment. hot alot of stuff that im excited to have in that room. if your wondering about the hawks half my gf is a Chicago fan.

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Goose, both you and your girlfriend's look awesome! Quick question though: when the Nucks and Hawks play, do you both watch them in the separate rooms?

haha no. we are usually pretty respectful to eachothers teams. with a few exceptions. playoff series in 2011 and when keith tried to kill daniel were tough times in our relationship lmao! I actually met her while coaches corner was on. we expressed our hate for don cherry to eachother... AND BOOM! FIREWORKS!

my third favorite item in that room is her "own the ice" from last years united centers ice.

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