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SOTW #158

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- Freestyle

- Sig must be within board limits (400x200).
- Sig must be under two weeks old.
- No animations/video sigs.
- No collaborations.

- Sigs must be in on FRIDAY (June 13th). (this gives us time to get polls up)
- Voting goes on through the weekend, whoever the winner is on MONDAY morning will be declared that week's winner.


Last 10 Winners:

SOTW #148 Winner: NotaSmartMan

SOTW #149 Winner: Justdean10

SOTW #150 Winner: Justdean10

SOTW #151 Winner: GoaltenderInterference

SOTW #152 Winner: Justdean10

SOTW #153 Winner: -Vintage Canuck-

SOTW #154 Winner: eQuilibrium

SOTW #155 Winner: Motzaburger

SOTW #156 Winner: Parise11

SOTW #157 Winner: Justdean10

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bring back WOTM (Wallpaper of the Month)?? Strike some creativity into bigger a bigger canvas from some of our users?

We tried doing WOTM some time ago and it didn't work out so well. I believe we only got one entry submitted in. I feel there are more sig makers on here than wallpaper makers even though the canvas is just a bit larger to work with.

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