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(proposal) simple VAN-BUF

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This may have been done before; with rumours circling that Florida is going to keep their 1st pick and draft Ekblad. The opportunity seems ripe to pounce on the 2nd pick.

Vancouver dishes out: 6th pick + Chris Tanev

Vancouver receives: 2nd pick to draft Sam Reinhart

I honestly see this happening due to the majority of our defencemen being on NTC's. I really like Tanev and his calm demeanour.. but you gotta give some to get some

Overpayment due to the stud-ness of Tanev?

Underpayment due to the pedigree, and hype of Reinhart?

Let's hear it

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Our 1st and Tanev probably isn't enough for another team to give us a top 2 pick.

I could maybe see Edmonton going for it if Ekblad is off the table by then, but I still doubt it.

If somehow Ekblad and Bennett are the 1st 2 picks, and Reinhart is on the table at 3rd (again, I doubt it), I would definitely push to make a trade centred around those pieces.

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Buffalo is the least likely to trade their pick, as they're really in the middle/just starting their rebuild. It'll be tough to convince them to give it up over Florida or NYI, who have already stated they're looking at trading their picks, or even Edmonton as Jagermeister says above if Ekblad is gone (although there are rumours they really like Draisaitl).

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