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Will Carcillo have any impact at all for the Rangers?


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we all saw how big a difference it made for the Bruins when they brought Thornton into the lineup, Carcillo is a similar type of player so will he be able to give the Rangers a boost with his physical play?

Or will he just be coming back so he can watch the Kings lift the cup at the end of the game?

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Guest Dasein

Yes he will take the first penalty of the game on which the LA Kings score the first goal of the game and never look back.

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I still think the Rangers can find a way to pull it together.

Earlier in the season the first 10 games, they had no wins. Yet found a way to turn it around by mid December.

in March andApril, they were clawing there way but didn't look like a team that would make the playoffs. But a resurgence powered them into the post season birth.

Look at the Pittsburgh series. Penguins up 3-1 in the series. THe odds were against them, and they were assumed as the team to lose to the heavy favourites with Crosby, Malkin leading the way, yet the Blueshirts found a way to rally together under St Louis and rally back to take the series themselves.

Again they come into this series labeled "underdogs" and have again been pushed against the brink of elimination...

This team just needs to find that fire again like they have the past several rounds.

This hasn't been the first time the Rangers have found their against the wall. They have overcome each other so far... I holding out hope that the Rangers still have life in them.

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