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[Proposal] 3- way with Kesler

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I know your girlfriends and wives would agree but lets stick with hockey.

As an armchair GM, I have been trying to come up with a return that would make everyone happy but no team that wants him has exactly what I want in order to give up Kes.

So of course, a 3 way trade makes sense and going through the latest proposals I have not seen any. So here are a couple.

To VAN: Nazem Kadri, Tor 2014 1st (8th overall).

To TOR: James Neal, Pit 2015 2nd, Van 2014 4th

To PIT: Ryan Kesler

WHY? I think every team is happy with what they get. Toronto gets a significantly better scorer and well rounded player and give up a very good pick but outside the top 5 (where the star power is). Vancouver replaces Kesler and lands a very good pick that they need for the slow rebuild. Pittsburgh returns to the powerhouse they were with strength down the middle.

To VAN: Derek Stepan, prospect Jesper Fast (NYR), 2014 1st (NYR) 2015 3rd (ANA)

To ANA: Kesler

To NYR: Kyle Palmieri, Luca Sbisa, 2014 3rd (VAN)

WHY? NYR gets stronger at wing, stronger on the back end and picks up an extra pick this year. Anaheim gets Kesler. We get a good C to replace Kes, in addition to that prospect and a 1st they desire.

So from what I can see, a 3 way makes more sense than a straight across trade. Lets go Benning. Make it happen

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Lateral move for Pitsburgh, except they get fleeced in the future cause Neal is younger.

Leafs have poor Center depth and several wingers so they'd decline.

Great deal for us.

Second trade. Great for Ducks and Canucks. rangers get absolutely penetrated without lubrication. Just terrible

Surprise surprise, canucks end up on top in yet another CDC trade proposal

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