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Bob Nicholson Offered CEO Position By Canucks, Oilers, Capitals


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Sorry if this is already posted, but I couldn't find anything when I searched.


On Wednesday night, TSN's Darren Dreger reported, in vague terms, that longtime Hockey Canada CEO Bob Nicholson was on the verge of accepting a Tim Leiweke-like executive position with an NHL club.

Now The Hockey News' Ken Campbell has fleshed out some additional details. Before we get to the substance of Campbell's information, it should be mentioned that Campbell erroneously reported that Nicholson was set to join the Vancouver Canucks in early April. So take this information with all of the sodium chloride in Goderich, On.:

Told Edmonton is frontrunner for Bob Nicholson.

— Ken Campbell (@THNKenCampbell)

June 12, 2014
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Damn I hope this happens.

If not with Nicholson, then with some other well respected executive.

This would mean that the Aquilini's would be serious about moving away from the operations of the hockey team. The CEO would not only run both the hockey op's but also the business side, with DeBonis and Linden being his direct reports. I'd imagine he'd also would be the teams' governor/alternate governor at the NHL Board.

This would be excellent news for this team. But I wouldn't get my hopes up for him as he does reside in Calgary, so the Edmonton gig might be more appealing.

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Damn we really are turning the page

Linden, Benning, possibly Nicholson, we might actually get some respect around here

Yep, hope we sign him for this if we get him. And his expertise and years of experience. Would set the tone for the Nucks organization without a doubt.

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why would Aquilini want to distant himself from hockey ops by hiring an additional exec between himself and Benning?

I dont think the Canucks rumor has any merit.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think the Aquilini's want to be hands on with the team.

I think they'd rather have a group of competent hockey professionals running things.

With Gillis they had to be hands on because of the amount of struggling he did later in his tenure. I think he had too much on his plate as president and GM, and it showed.

The more professionals handling different aspects of the organization, the more smoothly things will run.

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Wait isn't de Bonis our de facto CEO.

Edit: de Bonis is in fact our CEO per Canucks front office page. This rumor doesn't seem to be true then.

Not wise to say anything about de Bonis, the one guy mods will not allow you to say anything negative about, tread wisely, no joke my thread got completely deleated like it never existed, never seen that before.

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