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(Discussion) Vancouver Trade Propsals

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With Kesler now restating his wishes to leave Vancouver does this change JB and TL mind about the up and coming 2 years? Aka...playoff push!

Now my opinion is that both Calgary and Edmonton waited too long to sell off their veterans and Buffalo's and Florida's design of filling thier team with mostly rookies will take years to climb the rungs of respectability.

The answer lays some where between, where you keep character players that mentor your younger guys, while staying low enough in the standings, to reap some rewards of your good future drafting.

Character is far and few between on the Canucks, but there are some players who have been continuous professionals over the past few years, never whining, and showing real courage and grit on and off the ice. We should keep those players.

Character players: H. Sedin, Higgins, Booth, Hanhuis and Bieksa

Other than those, all should be considered in trade proposals. They are: D. Sedin, R. Kesler, A. Burrows, Hansen, Edler, Garrison, and Schroeder.

Now first off, I am not saying we should trade them all tomorrow, but we should have a plan to move them out over the next several years.

As we start moving these players either at the Trade Deadline or at the draft, we should be aquiring prospects and picks. It seems to me that if my memory serves me that Calgary and Edmonton waited to long and their vets either walked away or were traded for lesser B-Level players and prospects.

When starting this plan,we should be looking to pick up quality instead of quanity. This is my year one and two proposal.

2014 Draft

Kesler for: Anahiem's 2014-10th oevrall, Anaheim's 2014-33 overall, and Theodore

NYIslander's 2014-5th overall, R.Strome

Toronto's 2014-8th overall, Kadri and 2015-2nd

Edmonton's 2014-3rd overall, D.Nurse

Kesler and Shroeder Pittsburg's Pouliot, Bennett and 2014-2nd rounder

+ Philidelphia's B. Schenn, S. Morin, 2014-2nd rounder

2015-4th rounder Chicago's T.T and 2014-1st rounder and 2015-2nd rounder

Washington's M. Johansson ,A.Burakovsky and 2014-1st rounder

J. Garrison NYI's Polluck+2015-2nd rounder

or NYI's 2014-5th overall

A.Edler Toronto's 2014-8th overall and 2015-3rd rounder

Florida's 2014-32nd overall and 2015-2nd rounder

2014 Summer Go after 2 UFA's

2 of Moulson, Callahan, or Stastny

2014-2015 Trade Deadline

Trade either J.Garrison or A.Edler (which ever one is left) (2015-1st rounder)

A. Burrows (2015-2 or 3 rounder)

J.Hansen (2015-2 or 3 rounder)

D.Sedin ( don't laugh, he will not last the 4 years before retirement IMO)

(Daniel is a special case he is worth more than what you will recieve for him)

(Daniel's trade value 2015-1st rounder + 2015-3rd rounder)

2015 Summer Go after 1 UFA's

* Note... You may wonder why I put Booth as a player of Character. Well, after all his

injuries, Torts insulting him, having him sit, having the media run thier mouth

at him..........he still comes down the wing as hard as he can, he was at the

end of the year one of better players

Go ahead and flame away , hockey is almost over and the draft is still awhile away! Flame on!

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You really think Kesler could get any of that? Grossly overrating his value.

Booth has character yes, but he also has a cap hit of 4.5mill and the production of a 4th liner. He's a waste of a roster spot and cap space.

You can't move one Sedin without the other.

Btw learn how to spell players names.

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You really think Kesler could get any of that? Grossly overrating his value.

Booth has character yes, but he also has a cap hit of 4.5mill and the production of a 4th liner. He's a waste of a roster spot and cap space.

You can't move one Sedin without the other.

Btw learn how to spell players names.

No I don't think all the trades are grossly overrating Kesler....Anahiem was rumored to be offering something close to that, and I don't think the Toronto Trade is that out of line either. I think the point on the rest of them is you may have to add a little or even take a player away, but the potential is there to improve our team immensly.

As for the spelling.....I had most of them right, but I did go back and correct the ones I seen.

As for Booth, I am not adverse to a buyout or a trade, but if you remember the end of last year, he was one of our better players.

As for Daniel, I know it is a bit of a reach, but if he was sent to a contending team, he might find it adventurous......

by the way, I am typing in the dark...you are lucky you can even read this! LOL

I appriciate your comments, but I wonder why more people just don't play along.......you never know what could happen!

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You are not paying attention, Kesler has provided a list of 6 teams, NYI, Tor and Edm are not on that list. I hope you are trolling

Sorry is this a new list, is it a confirmed list..........sorry I didn't see it, but if Kesler was given a choice to go to an Eastern top 10 team, he would probably look at it seriously. IMO

Can you provide a list please..........I don't think he would go to Edmonton either, but the other 2, I don't know

And of course he is going to give a short list.....but that doesn't stop an interested team form calling, the Canucks could give them permission to talk to him.

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Draft Day:

To Anaheim: Kesler + Shroeder (no room for him in our depth chart) - Ducks need Kesler... plain and simple. Shroeder is a nice depth player to have and could blossom under a new coach.

To Vancouver: 2014 - 10th overall + 2014 - 24th overall + shea theodore - Canucks get valuable picks and begin to add to their thin group of defensive prospects. Also frees up cap room to pick up a roster play via free agency.

Next trade:

To Florida: Gaunce + Garisson + 6th Overall

To Vancouver: 1st overall pick

At #1 Draft Reinhart

At #10 Draft either ehlers, virtanen, nylander or perlini or even fleury- one of them will have to be available. My order of preference would be: Nylander, Virtanen, Ehlers, Fleury then Perlini.

At #24 Pick Honka or Ho-Sang - Big risk on Ho-Sang, but could pan out to be a jeff skinner esque player.

At #36 Pick Ryan MacInnis

Buyout Booth to free up more Cap Space.

Get Moulson through Free Agency + Mezaros or Boyle if the Islanders dont come to terms with him.

Team then looks like next year:










Our lineup in once the sedins are gone (without 2015 draft prospects) - let moulson go if his play declines or trade him.











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