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(Proposal) Kesler to Pitt

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Throwin' names out there, for your consumption.


-Pitt gives up on Fleury(he's twistin in the wind, like Bylsma)

-So they will nab Miller/Hiller/BryzyG-mc)..some UFA, but need GT depth

-They've got a plethora of PMD..so they can spend one.

-IF we help their cap, they'll scratch our back too. We send about 9 mill here(varies with RFA to sign); they send back about 11 mill(plus we're on the hook for some of Kesler's hit, to increase return)

Kesler(retain 2 mill/3 mill cap-hit, VERY attractive)

Markstrom or Eriksson

Tanev, good steady RH-D, slide in behind Letang

Hansen/Higgins(they need wingers)

sidenote-I'd also consider including Hutton(maybe for Tanev, if they were hot for that option-who knows if we can easily sign the guy?)

PITT sends:

-2015 1st

-Sutter(could we package him to move up at draft?)

-Fleury(last yr; partner with Lack; help their Cap)

-Pouliot or Maatta

-Bennett (young size/talent, I hear. we could also use him to move up, if necc)

-One more of their young D-depth(eg:Harrington)

Use our cap space to extract a little extra(young talent) from them. If my value is over/under, please throw stones & heckle me.

Pitt, Det, TBay or Philly..hope these teams will help push the price up; & 1 of them end up with the guy. Send him East.

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Why the hell would we get Fleury. He's basically another Luo, and not in a good way...

& they take Markstrom? Essentially to open about 4 mill cap for Pitt. Cap space is attractive. Fleury's off the books, next summer; by then we'll know better, as o whether Lack/Eriksson can consistently hurl the ringer.

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Thread Subject Heading ... :sadno::picard::picard::picard: . I just had to check your profile cuz I was curious how old you were ... are you really 45?

That's cool you mature fellow with your smily/ facepalms. The sad part is we likely pull for the same squad. All I can do is suggest a reasonably fair offer...avoid my threads/posts, & I'll extend to you the same courtesy. A good day to you(careful of the door hitting your arse/way out!)

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Why do people always post these massive 15 player deals?

In this case, was trying to address both team's needs. Just Kesler alone should involve 3~4 pieces. I'd like to see Van continue shifting towards youth. Also by taking on redundant salary(eg:Fleury), it appears a service for which we should be entitled to additional young assets.

Agree that Ana have a nice batch of youth to deal with us; but also feel it'd be easier to see Kes go East(not have to face him every month). Right now Pitt & Van seem to be in opposite scenarios(win now; or build), which is another reason to do biz. They've got lots of depth for D-prospects, & our D-core is aging.

Lastly, we could use 1 or 2 of these assets for additional draft moves.

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