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Mafia: The Game [Zombie Apocolypse] GAME OVER - RCC Win!


Mafia Poles!  

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That is true. But we did pick up a lot of socks, lol. Hoping Benning's plan involves a dress shirt and business suit or two along the way.

lol. I wouldn't mind something more than socks too. But our old socks have holes in the heels and the toes.

Right now I'm just happy there has been movement, it's like someone finally decided we could do more than maybe crack one window when you're on a road trip with someone who has gas. Not terrible OMFG we need to pull over ASAP and open all the doors for 15 mins gas, just the kind of gas that after a while really starts to build up.

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Sometimes I talk Canucks here because the posters here are mostly sensible and there aren't random arguments between angry people.

BTW, I don't see why people would be disappointed. Garrison was nothing special and Kesler wanted out. Bonino and Sbisa will do well, especially Bonino.

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