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Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW


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It is ridiculous how fast you guys are. I'm listening to the draft on the radio and it's still on a commercial, it hasn't even gotten to our pick yet. I keep refreshing the table on NHL.com listing all the draft results as it seems to be the quickest way to find out who's been drafted.

I wasn't hoping for Virt, but I'm sure once he spends some time in the Canucks public eye, he'll grow not only on me, but people who were hoping for other players.

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Rob Pettapiece@RobPettapiece

Virtanen's #1 comp is Iginla. But 2 and 3 are Scott Kelman and Taylor Pyatt. 147 NHL games in next 6.

That kind of matches my thoughts on it, very good young player that should go near our pick, just maybe not at 6th. If he turns out, could be great, if he doesn't, CDC will be harsh.

EDIT: as much as he's not my favourite pick, the attitude of some sadly doesn't surprise me (case and point the poster before me) with how negative they can be about a player who'll likely still turn out to be pretty good.

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