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I saw this post in the main board Virtanen thread on HF, and thought I'd post it for more to see.

Longtime Calgary Hitmen fan here...

Jake is an amazing talent and you can tell that even at 17 that he can dominate at the junior level. However, this past year for him was a real catch-22: He didn't play 1st line time with the Calgary Hitmen, as the team constantly went with the older veterans for the PP, the last few minutes, and for the majority of the ice time. The other side of the coin is that while he was getting less ice time and playing with 2nd/3rd line players, he consistently got into a "puck hog" mentality as the guys with him were not at the same offensive level.

Maybe both a cause and effect of his ice time was that Jake, while looking spectacular sometimes, can come off appearing as an immature and selfish player who doesn't utilize his teammates. I, for one, think that's something that Jake can work on and am not shocked that a 17 year-old can sometimes act "immature": that leadership, puck-dishing ability, and character can come this year, and I totally expect him (when he returns from injury) to be playing 1st-line minutes along with Greg Chase, someone who can keep up with Virtanen.

This upcoming 2014-15 season will be the bellwether season for Jake Virtanen: a solid point total, a bunch of games where he will wear a letter for the team, and much much MUCH more ice-time will let us know if he's closer to becoming a player like Rick Nash or Raffi Torres. I think Jake has all the potential to be closer to the player Rick Nash is, it's all in how much he wants to work on it.


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Get real? Then why did he drop 10 spots?

I will assume, he didn't interview that well.

He's also a guy that's not too big..... yet his stats might have showed well your not offensive elite too?? why should we invest a 1st pick on you? Thus him slowly dropping.

He's a steal for the CAnucks. If some members on hfboards is saying it's a steal... It's a steal! They hate the Canucks over there for some members to call it a steal means a lot.

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Will he be ready by the rookie tournement? I wanna see the canucks kill the tourney with...









Cedarholm (maybe)

No, he'll be out till mid October apparently.

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This guy is 17 and can roof a backhand from the face off dot... yeah he sucks... :rolleyes:

i said he's crosby incarnate, when did i ever say he sucks?

seriously, I really like the pick, it was a joke

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I think Virtanen was a terrible pick given that he's out for 6 months which will hinder his development. You don't pick someone at #6 under that circumstance, along with the fact that he was given a 3/5 IQ (aka he's dumb).

I dunno, he sure knows how to find the back of the net.

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