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I don't believe any of these cocky/bad attitude hockey stories because we all know out of all the major sports hockey players have the best class and are saints! Hockey players are routinely thought of as the most respectful and classy athletes in the world compared to other sports! :frantic:

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I live in cranbrook, home of the Kootenay ice. And every single one of the ice players in my classes were the exact same way, and they weren't half as good. Matt Fraser is hated by so many people here, even Reinhart.. I have a hilarious story about him. But I dunno if its CDC friendly haha

Is that story about Matt Fraser or Reinhart? I assume Fraser.

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So, hey. I wandered in here looking for the Jake Virtanen thread.

Anyone seen it?

Ya was gunna say something, no more pms please haha! I can't wait to see him and McCann on the same line. Great to see our prospect cupboard on forward looking this good. Edited by Virtanen The Great
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I wish it was Fraser, he is such a tool haha. Made it that much easier to hate Boston lol. But it was a Reinhart story, will do hugor and shiznak

How did you feel when Fraser was ripping it for the Canucks in the young stars tourney.... Only to be signed by Dallas, aa the Canucks were out of space. Edited by LeanBeef
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