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Grade today's movement (trades/draft)

Lui's Knob

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OP I'd have to agree with your analysis

Trades: C+

Drafting: B+

EDIT: After having some time to process the Kesler trade I have to say I like what we got in the deal given the circumstances. And the Linden Vey trade today solidified his track record. His later round drafts were also excellent. I still don't like the Garrison trade however.

New report card:

Trades: B+

Drafting: A

I'm really happy with Jim Benning's performance

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Trades: B+

Given that Kesler handcuffed JB by only giving him two teams to work with, the trade was great. Could of got more for Garrison but 4.5 million off the books looks nice.

Drafting : A

Considering how it is a crap-shoot after the top five, can't do worse than what JB had done.

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