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Nikita Tryamkin | D


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Having added some defensive depth gives the option of playing Tryampkin on the third pairing. They can protect him to an extent so he can adjust. 

People will be all upset if he needs more time to develop.

Personally I do have the expectation  of him making it, he showed good improvement game by game.

We'll see what kind of shape he shows up in. That will tell a lot.


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On June 4, 2016 at 0:36 PM, mpt said:


Oh for sure but with the size he brings you know he's going to have to stand up for himself eventually, it's a small piece too a much larger picture

I might have seen Tryampkin

 on a YouTube clip on this site or somewhere else. He'll be fine. The guy he was fighting could barely reach him, Tryamkin wasn't pretty, he wrestled with the guy a bit. Tryamkin is a large strong guy. Im sure he'll go and will be challenged after hammering some forward into tomorrow. So guy will come and flale away and that will be it.

im looking forward to our d hammered Lucic for the duration  of his contract. 

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I wonder what will happen after Lucic and Tryamkin of Gudbranson collide in front of our net, after a whistle.

I don't see anyone backing down, and there could be some serious fireworks when we play Edmonton with Gudy-Tryamkin-Pedan (If in) vs Lucic-Maroon-Kassian


Can't wait


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6 hours ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Tryamkin and Guddy are our new Bash Brothers. Our crease will now be a a 'No Go' zone when they're on the ice.

Sounds good but look at the size of the young players coming to the NHL these days. Quite a few are at 200 pounds when drafted! No doubt that Tryamkin and Gudbranson are a real start but I see more of a team need for size. Canuck forwards are undersized yet.

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1 hour ago, thejazz97 said:


Well, I mean, he just got married, so his cardio's gonna be through the roof... :P 


26 minutes ago, Salacious Crumb said:

Abs of steel the first year anyways.


Y'all are scandalous ahaha. I think I just heard Willie or Benning in an interview saying they know Try's been putting in work this summer. He's posted a couple pics on instagram of him in the gym and from some summer league or something that he skated in (need @Stierlitz for the translation! ). 

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