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On September 10, 2016 at 1:45 AM, Hairy Kneel said:

I'm writing his spot in pen.

He showed pretty good progress last year. Let's face it, if we're gonna be somewhat competitive we need a couple of darkhorses to clutch up.


The big Russian has most of my interest this preaseason along with the rest of the young blueliners.

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I hope Tryamkin was watching Defensman Parayko play on team North America tonight. If he can evolve his game up a notch or two this year over glimpse last spring it will be a win win for team.

Parayko is 6'5"  before tonight I new nothing about him or his game.

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What I like about Tryamkin, is he brings a unique skillset. Similar to Larsen. (...or maybe Stecher or Subban?...) He will likely play third pairing minutes if he makes the squad. But he can be a major player on the penalty kill. Him and Gudbranson can be a pairing to be feared. Edler and Tanev can use a rest after playing top minutes. But I wouldn't want to deal with Tryamkina and Gudbranson at the same time. After a couple of seasons they can be an incredible PK pairing. Special teams are important.


Side note: Larsen also does this for our Powerplay. Later in the future, Stecher and Subban will take that role long term. But we have a solid future from the backend now

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2 hours ago, Crabcakes said:

Do you think this guy understands what it's going to take to be an NHL player?   And a good one!

Like you mentioned "Tryamkin is one Russian with ambition." Having said that, I believe Tree is going to bring that ambition along with confidence into training camp. Tree has already gotten a dose of what the NHL is like and should be an easy transition for him as to what to expect. Tryamkin will continue to improve and be a huge physical presence on the blue line. He already displayed that he's definitely not shy in dishing out hits and has a huge heck of a reach. So yeah I believe Tryamkin should fit in quite comfortably and understand what it's going to take to be a good NHL player.

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I have huge hopes for Tree this year.  I dream about those games where the Ferlands of the league try their brand of hockey only to meet Tree on the ice and get tossed into the crowd!  Or he just picks him up and breaks him in half.  It's great that we now have legit call ups for our big men (Pedan) and a growing list of smaller but skilled defensman (Stecher, Subban, Larsen). We have never had it so good!

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Hutton and Tryamkin have a huge potential for advancing the d-core towards true competitveness. Hutton has to at least hold his own this year at last years' proficiency. Tryamkin has to nail down a regular shift on the 3rd pairing. If these two can do this then IMHO the Van d-core skips at least 2 years of development time.  

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8 hours ago, Bandwagon38 said:

I have huge hopes for Tree this year. 

Me too.  Tryamkin is the guy I was perhaps the most excited to see after the offseason to see how much he improved. 


Assessing him is somewhat unique, as with many players you don't really know what they bring to the table until they fully develop.  While his ceiling may still be in question, the size and strength he brings is quite evident already.   Also unique to Tryamkin is that we know exactly what he needs to do to be successful in the NHL.  The first and main thing is that he needs to kill it in the conditioning department.  If he can do that, I think he showed enough last season to indicate his size buys him at least a bottom pairing position on virtually any NHL team.  If he can then add to that, like utilizing his big shot, then he positions himself well to creep up the depth chart.

As soon as I watched him play, I penciled him into our lineup.  Though lots of people are questioning if he will even be in the lineup, to me it is a no brainer that he should be.  (If his conditioning is up to par).  Size like his is uncommon, and is the kind of x factor you pray for.  We don't exactly have a big team, so excluding him from our lineup strikes me as being a big step down.

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2 hours ago, Bang Bang Boogie said:

I just got back from watching an informal Canucks practice at UBC.  I kept an eye on Tryamkin as I found him intriguing last year and thought he could be a force on the Canucks.  Holy smokes this guy is big.  He kept talking to Pedan, and it would be amazing to see him and Pedan be a third line pairing for the Canucks for the probably the largest defense pairing in the league.


Some observations:

  • He looks a lot faster than last year.  His agility seems to have caught up more to his giant strides.  His edgework is very smooth and his pivots are crisp.  He can cover a ton of ground with ease.  When he gets going, he's like a freight Train.
  • His shot looks even more powerful.  His slapshot can probably rival Pedan's for hardest on the team
  • Communication skills seem to be improving.  He was able to talk more and joke around with more teammates.  Last year he mostly kept to himself (except for Hamhuis who was mentoring him and Hutton, who kept trying to joke with him).

Train. I like the sound of that.

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