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Nikita Tryamkin | D


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Interesting pick, certainly nice to see some size on the backend if he turns out. Hope to see some Utica time for him since he should be eligible - just not sure what outs his contract has (in case there's a NA/NHL clause).

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He's 20 years old and has a contract for 2 more years in KHL so we won't see him till he's 22.

He is at draft and was interviewed on team 1040 with help from the Canuck's Russian scout as translator.

Bure was a favorite player and he's familiar with the Canucks.

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He's signed in the KHL for 2 more years. I have to believe he stays over there, then has to adapt to the NA ice. Nice to have a monster prospect on the blueline though.

Luckily for us two years really isn't that long for a mid-round draft pick when you compare to most people drafted around this time. Ideally he'll be closer to stepping in by then. It's nice to hear that he actually wants to play here too, but we'll see how it goes.

Interesting pick. Not sure if I would have gone that way, but he is pretty friggin' massive.

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Assuming that he is 6'7'' it's crazy to think that he still isn't done growing necessarily and that he will still need to fill out. Probably will top out at 240-250 when all is said and done. I like that he's already playing against men. If he were in the OHL his development would've likely been stunted by playing with boys. This way he develops way faster against better competition. I say keep him in the KHL for the two years, then bring him to AHL for at least a year maybe two. If by then he's not a force and ready to play he can go back to KHL.

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I wrote up a pretty solid thread back in Sept/Oct about this kid.

Seriously thrilled we went in to grab him. He has incredible skating ability for his actual size and while his passing isn't the best he has some shades of Chara indeed but needs to work on his snarl. Passing is crisp and he is usually sound positionally.

I like this pick a lot. I really hope the Canucks' first move is sitting him down with someone like Bure, extholling the virtues of Vancouver and getting him a solid English language coach so he is not overwhelmed.

I do indeed like this pick, and I still hope there is an outside chance at a player like Collins, Vanier, Mantha or Mattson if ANY of them are still available

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Ray Ferraro was just on 1040 gushing about him. Says he feels we really have something here.

Ferraro is quickly becoming Pierre Mcguire v. 2.0.

When every description out of your mouth is a superlative, they stop having any meaning.

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YES! He was who I suggested we draft in the 3rd round back in March:


A big guy who can skate, plus he is already holding his own in the KHL at 19 which is not an easy league, especially for young players. Strong WJC performance as well. If he continues to progress we could have a special player on our hands.

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Guest Dasein

The most interesting pick of the draft.

Has a chance to be our best pick in this draft, or nothing at all, or just a solid NHL player. Good 3rd round pick.

The problem as usual with these Russian picks is that they might not ever, ever, ever see an NHL ice surface.

But at least dude's big.

Tryamkin said he wants to be "the next big Russian in Vancouver." He's got two years left on his KHL contract. #NHLDraft

Wants to be the next big Russian = he will make the jump (or at least try to make the NHL).

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