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Nikita Tryamkin | D


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21 hours ago, Gawdzukes said:

I got to give it up to you and Sam. Stay strong. I still think he's a fat Myers with a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the hockey skill. In fact I'd be insulted if I was Myers.


We shall see.


He's the Shaquille O'Neill of rap, calling his own shots, getting high on his own stink, thinking he's awesome.


I deserve to get paid baby!





His games are live streamed on the internet..

nobody is saying you should watch every one of them..  but there are weekend games that I have caught that happen to start early our time here in BC.

its worth watching all of the prospects that you can from time to time..

I did the same with MacEwan , knowing JB had gone off the street to sign him..

said back then the kid has all of the attributes tools and skating to be a beast power forward.

Honestly, thinkin about it,  if MacEwan was teamed with Pettersen and Miller..  or in a position to compliment talent like that..  his would dramatically accelerate.

i see the same with Nik and Hughes ,

or Nik and Rathbone..  it’s the reflection of other players skills that hone your own..

it even has a vice versa effect..

Regardless,  hit me or @Hairy Kneel up when the exhibition games in the KHL start.

Im sure your assessments and potentials on Tryamkin will gain more positive light.

you have to see to beleive,.  Or your in the dark. 

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1 hour ago, SilentSam said:

Would be nice if Tryamkin has created an out clause from the KHL this season,.  I do beleive it to be do-able.

Out clause with a payout would help Avto with their cap. A bargain deal between a fan favorite and the team he will return to after the NHL. 

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On 7/23/2020 at 8:39 AM, CanuckCup2022 said:

You guys just continue to hope for rainbows and unicorns lol.


Tryamkin is a dead topic until next summer.....thank god.

Lol ,

hope you can swim,

you remind me of someone that may have reincarnated himself into your poster.

Welcome back!  We need you!

.. this is going to be fun boys ::D


we usually follow and watch all of his KHL games.. Pinch your nose cause there’s Exhibition games in August..



john wayne GIF

GTFOH   ;)

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This just tweeted regarding Podolzkins team in the KHL..

makes a guy wonder if a “bubble” mentality is not used,.  and could ruin the Entire 2020 21 season in the KHL.


Rick Dhaliwal (@DhaliwalSports) Tweeted:
Source ins Russia tells me that #Canucks draft pick Vasily Podkolzin's team has shut down training camp for a while due to covid 19 concerns.

Podkolzin is healthy and has not tested positive.

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Hard to believe but some folks simply don't get it.  Covid19 is a life or death situation. They're now talking about in addition to permanent respiratory damage it may well damage the heart in later life. Add some greed to the equation and you have an almighty mess. Some  are willing to risk their life so they can play with their toys on the beach/park, or get drunk for a night in a club. Plus of course these wanna be Einstein will likely blame some one else later in their life. I like the George Carlin skit where he say, "if you think the average American* is stupid that means 50% of the country is worse"  :lol:


* can be any country

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51 minutes ago, Slegr said:

Has anyone heard any details about Tryamkin’s new deal? I.e how much he’s getting paid? Or whether there are any out-clauses?

Just that it's a one year deal. So it sounds temporary, I hope Diamond put an out clause in there. Which can be recouped when he signs a NHL contract. 

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3 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:


"He's not coming back......"

No one is offering him the 2 million that the Canucks were willing to.


It will come down to what the best business decision make sense for him. That has to be considered Vancouver. I doubt any other market would be hyping a 5/6 D man like this.

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18 hours ago, Fred65 said:

Tryamkins value increased after last nights game.  Minny goals from D and crowded crease.  The Vcr crease should be a no go zone for opponents not a stopping point for a chat  :lol:

Seen some more tire fires in our zone. Minny forwards skating around our zone with ease. Our crease area looks like a playland line up.

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