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[Proposal] Mitchell, Raymond, Miller

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Mitchell will likely not re-sign with the Kings. A good veteran defender who can mentor some of the kids (Stanton, Tanev, Corrado, Sbisa)

Re-unite him with Bieksa.

2yr, 4m deal, 2m per?

Raymond would be a great fit with Bonino and Kassian. No more Ryan "puck-hog" Kesler... Bonino would appreciate the speed and offensive ability of Raymond and the size, grit and toughness of Kassian.

2yr, 5m deal, 2.5m per?
Sign Ryan Miller, the best goaltender available to a 3yr, 6m per deal, just in time for Demko Thatcher to step in.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Raymond - Bonino - Kassian

Higgins - Horvat - Hansen

Matthias - Richardson - Dorsett

Vey / Jensen

Hamhuis - Tanev

Edler - Sbisa

Mitchell - Bieksa




This team makes the playoffs 100% with Miller in net and that defence corpse (assuming Edler/Bieksa/Sbisa play at their potential)



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I would take Raymond back in a heart beat. He dominates Dmen with his speed and has good hands. He is a quick point man on the PK and his speed makes him a very good fore checker.

Kesler and Raymond had one great year together and if you recall that was the year Kesler decided to play hockey and refrain from all his on ice antics.. We had 5 or 6 players who scored 20+ goals that year. Raymond got hurt and the line never got back its chemistry. Sad thing is, Kesler went back to all his BS on the ice again and his goal production slipped as well.

Raymond scored 19 goals again this year in Toronto who only paid him 1M for those goals. Pretty decent return I would say and I contend that if he played with good players once again he will be a 20+ goal scorer on a regular basis. All he needs is two other players that are not so much into themselves and can compliment one another on their line.

I was saddened by the fact Vancouver would not sign him again. I bet he will play for @ 1.5 M/year and that is cheap for a 20 goal scorer.

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