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2014/2015 Canucks, Excess Cap Room, UFA's and Kesler Irony


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my post had nothing to do with spite. it had to do with irony.

if you both read my original post, I said that EVEN I believed this group to be 3-4 years away, and many here did as well - how that is viewed as spite vs kesler ummm, I am not really sure, as it would mean I spite myself for thinking the same thing

there are many people here simply trolling because they are angry, respond with comments such as yours and the post you responded to because they themselves live in a space of anger and frustration, so they assume others do as well...as per the immediate bias/assumptions of both posts.

I suggested it would simply be ironic if the Canucks ended up playing the Ducks in the first round (plausible as we are likely in the bottom 3 of the playoff teams and Ducks top three)and beat them.

That was the point of this post and its also a view that our group has more potential than many think now that Benning has indeed started making some bold moves!

take care!

Good effort but however way you want to dress it up, it was a sneer. It came over as spite and so it was in all likelihood spite. I am perfectly happy with things at present, I said that if Kesler was determined to move then why not move him, he has paid his dues here tenfold and yet some people (you being one of them it appears) want to see him in some way made to look stupid or humbled for his decision.

Pleases note that Iginla has hawked his way around the league looking for a ring and he is admired to the extent that many on here would love to have him and yet Kesler is made out to be some kind of creep for doing the same thing.

"Take care!" (whatever that is meant to mean on a forum) Are you warning me bud?

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Sorry... what are you talking about? lol

If you don't have a response for my simple yet effective rebuke of your horrible idea, I understand :)

thanks for the anger! that's three of ya now!

take care

Or we aren't angry and your line up proposal isn't very good

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Those definitions need some work but yeah I agree. It was never as hard as MG made it out to be. He was more interested in accumilating the most assets he could as compared to winning a Cup. He should be in the stock market. Like some people here he didn't realize you can only dress 23 players so you can't give every player on the team a NTC. It kills incentive.

It would be sweet ironing and I believe that is Trevor and Jim's plan.

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Canucks cup.Christ if I have to hear one more person say somebody is trolling because of a comment that isn't pro Canuck on this site.Why woukd Ehrhoff go to Edmonton.Hall,RNH.Eberle,Yakipov.Plus Edmonton will pay a crap load to get him.Richardson was bought out because he is trending down fast and most teams will probably either pass or the Canucks will offer him more because on draft day things went to crap with that douche Kesler and the Canucks didn't find a 2nd line replacement and for now they could use Richardson to stop gap that line.

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Iggy might have more personal integrity than Kesler but their objective is the same, finding a CUP contending team.

It will be bad enough if Benning signs Miller to a multi year deal but I highly doubt that Iggy comes to Van. He would go back to Calgary if that is all he wanted, a place to play, non contender.

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