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[Signing] Blues sign Paul Stastny

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Not surprised he landed a 7 million cap hit - surprised the term is only 4 years.

The Blues are a very astute hockey franchise - people here might not think Stastny is worth this, but I'm not sure they know the player as well as the team that just signed him.

Stastny faced the strongest quality of competiton among Avalanche forwards.

He also had the best underlying numbers.

He had less than 50% offensive zone starts (46.7%) and scored 60 points.

26th in the NHL in points per 60 minutes.

He was 54.1% in the faceoff circle - top 25 in the NHL.

+15 takeaways/giveaways.

He is going to be unreal on a club full of two way talent like St Louis, with a monstrous blueline behind him as well.

The Blues just added Stastny and Gunnarsson (for merely Polak) - they just kept pace with everyone else - if not made better moves than their rivals.

They also have 9 millon left in cap space to sign Sobotka and Schwartz.

I'd love to poach Sobotka considering they are now absolutely loaded down the middle.

Here's hoping.

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Thank god that's over. For people that wanted him...there's no way we were paying upwards of $7MM for Stastny.

Why not? We're paying that for each of the Sedins who scored less points and are 5 years older?

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Well that was about the most obvious signing of the day. It was always going to be Denver or St Louis. Best of luck to Stas but as it's in the division, hopefully he doesn't win a cup in those 4 years.

Edit: Somewhere O'Reilly is doing a secret little happy dance that we'll have to cave into his salary demands now.

Sakic taking a hard-line stance against his asking price did not work out well at all.

You have to be able to examine everything on a case by case situation, rather than put a bland limit on every single player because of what one guy is getting paid. Did it work out well for the Canucks and their defence? Not really, especially when we lost Ehrhoff, and our offence/PP began to fall apart.

If they wanted to show O'Reilly that not everyone can just ask for what they want, well, now O'Reilly can truly ask for whatever he wants (How many times can one man hold a team hostage at as big a level he has without everyone hating him.)

Now you have Ignila signed at over $5 million per, and you could have added a bit more over those years in order to get Stastny, who at this age, with that contract, provides far better value.

And all the younger players who get credit for being Gods that each individually lifted the team back to relevance, they're all going to have to deal with Stastny not being their to absorb the other team's matchups/dish them the puck/dictate the play. The guy is incredibly underrated, and his lack of presence is going to hurt the team in a way that's going to be hard for Roy to counter.

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