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i i feel as jets and and canucks. have been quiet today minus miller signing a trade might go down

boston, sabtes , flyers, jets need to make some moves.

how about kane for markstrom tanev 1st in 2016 hansen injust have a funny feeling a few big trades might go down stars and kings and avs look like they win the day in terms of impact

when will more dominoes fall? we need a scoring sniper and powerplsy qb

why hasnt oilers picked up more defensemen they need to sign at least 2 more

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The problem with them getting rid of Kane is they would be creating another hole, by using Kane to address another one with nobody to really replace his production. Or at least cover much of it for for them in the immediate short term. I think Markstrom Burrows would get it done but I don't think burrows waives. If we are using Markstrom and Hansen (who i do think would waive) as a starting point, do you think adding Nickals Jensen would do it? They add 2 danes, one for the now, and one for the future, which could be a positive for Nik Ehlers coming in, plus, Jacob markstrom, a 24 year old NHL calibre goalie who may be able to take their number one spot or at least be there version of Eddie Lack.

To VAN: Evander Kane

To WPG: Jensen, Hansen, Markstrom

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