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Transition Year = Develop Players


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TSN1040 was talking about this yesterday afternoon. Sounds like it's status quo for this season. But in the offseason he will probably try and move some vets for picks, or prospects. After reading the Day with Trevor Linden. Sounds like the team is massively focused on scouting (great to hear). Even Trevor is taking trips to help scout players. The rationale for not trading vets now is if they say no.

Now you've got a player that knows the team wants to move him, and you'd run into a situation like Toronto a few years ago.

In short don't expect any changes by the deadline, unless something comes out of the blue. Changes will happen in the offseason.

That's the promise every year haha
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Benning has said that he has no intention of trading prospects or draft picks.

He has also said that he wants to make the playoffs and that is important for the development of the younger players (something to do with the winning culture)

Does this mean that Benning wants to hang on to the veteran core to mentor the prospects? Or does he just want a winning environment?

How much latitude does Benning have while remaining true to what he has said?

Hanging onto the entire core is not going to show our young players a winning environment if those vets mail it in at key times of the season.

Making the playoffs is the goal for business reasons, not for mentoring reasons. The spin on that goal is particularly transparent imo.

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I think what were trying to do this year is to bring in guys to support our core. You look at Radim Vrbata, hes going to support the Sedins and help take the load off of them on the scoring side of things. We tried to add depth to our forward group, so were going to play 4 lines so that we dont have to play our core guys as much as they did last year."

Benning also said he won't hesitate asking players to waive no-movement clauses if he thinks it will help the organization.

"If we need to approach a player about asking him to waive his no-trade clause, we're willing to do that."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Benning+believes+team+core+Canucks+need+more+depth+right+coach/9871497/story.html#ixzz3OxCzcphM

Benning can ask all he wants. Be interesting to see who he can convince to leave.

Jim Benning

Hopefully sooner rather than later the canucks will stop giving this core chance after chance to relive their past glory. Supporting the core is useless when the core is declining and stale.

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There is a ton of uncertainty with this team going forward. Lots of questions around the twins bouncing back, Burrows, Edler, Bonino progressing etc etc.

I feel like it's a transition year. We could end up in the playoffs around the 6-8 spots or near the bottom of the conference. Again a lot of unknowns.

Imo this year should be used to develop our younger players. Whether that be Bonino, Vey and Kassian in the nhl or Jensen, Fox, Gaunce, Corrado, Grenier in the ahl. Jensen could probably make the jump and that would be great, but I'd rather he dominate at the ahl level for a year with the rest of the guys.

What do guys think? Should we let the kids grow together for a year in the ahl? How much of a "transition year" do you feel it is?

There is a ton of uncertainty with every professional team in the world.

Nations have a six months plan whether it is Canada, America, Liechtenstein or El Salvador.

You're always one big mistake away from losing your job.

You own your house? Unless it's fully paid, the bank owns it. Even if you fully owned your own home, you could still lose it to unpaid property tax or fire.

Ever notice most expensive places to live are in danger zones? Volcanos, earthquake faults, sea and ocean shores...

Uncertainty makes the world go round.

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