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Connor McDavid predictions


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Predict who you think will get to draft him, and which team you'd like to see him on (besides Vancouver), and the team you DON'T want to see him drafted by.

I predict Colorado, yes I know Colorado is an improving team but I have this weird gut feeling he'll end up there. The team I'd like to see him drafted by is Toronto, they're in dire need of a great player since Mats Sundin (and Doug Gilmore), but knowing Bettman he won't let a Canadian team win the draft lottery. I don't want Buffalo to get him, what a poop organization they have become.

Of course it would be awesome if the Canucks got him, but Benning is interested in playoff position and the build he's been doing can likely achieve that.

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Colorado with MacKinnon AND McDavid? That'd be absolutely ridiculous, but Colorado won't even be qualifying for the lottery next year. They'll be in a playoff spot. The worst they can do is barely miss the playoffs.

I think Calgary, Buffalo, New Jersey, Winnipeg, and possibly Vancouver (Could place anywhere, honestly) are the teams with the highest chance at getting first overall.

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Western Conference teams:

Edmonton (Pathetic that they're still in the running, considering amount of 1st overall, top 10 picks they've had.

Calgary (They added Hiller, and lost Camel-toe, unless their young guys step up big, Bennett, Monahan, Baertschi, Gaudreau, another top 10/5 pick for Calgary)

Pho...*Cough* Arizona (Going with a younger D, and infusing more youth into the top 9, also Doan ain't getting any younger)

Vancouver, Winnipeg outside chance.

Eastern Conference teams:

Buffalo (Still no #1 goalie, D while better, is still sub-par, offense is still young and inexperienced...also, they had far and away the worst record last year...and that was with Miller in net for 2/3rd's of the season stealing them games)

Ottawa (As of right now, Ottawa's top six, MacArthur-Turris-Ryan, Chiasson-Zibanejad-Michalek, if their goalies arn't a hell of a lot better going into next year, they'll likely to forget they lost Spezza for next to nothing if they land McDavid)

Carolina, New Jersey, NYI outside chance.

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