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[proposal] VAN-WPG

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Burrows, Gaunce, Hansen, Markstrom


Evander Kane and 2015 3rd

With the signing of vrbata, we have too many forwards and burrows and Hansen have become expendable. Gaunce is also expendable and redundant due to the fact that we now have too many really good two way centre prospects (Horvat, Mccann, Cassels, Vey).

This gives the Jets a lot of depth. They get a top 6 forward, a top 9 fwd and a a guy who can be their 3rd line centre for years to come and a goalie who's still young and has the potential to be a #1.

2014-15 lineup:











For those of you wondering about Jensen, he would be the first call up in case there's an injury. I believe vey is more ready than Jensen to make the big club full time because not only is vey 2 years older but he has also had 3 very productive seasons in the AHL while Jensen has struggled. (Only 29 points in 80 AHL games for Jensen compared to 148 pts in 191 games for Vey). I think Jensen can use one more year of seasoning down there.

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Burrows and Hansen waiving for Winnipeg. That'll be the day.

They might. Don't forget they played for the moose so they got some history there. Plus I don't think they're the types of guys who'll be asses about where they want to go.

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change Gaunce to Jensen, Change markstrom to lack and they might be more interested.

Hansen would likely leave, as Winnipeg is where he spends his summers

Burrows might due to being familier with the city having played there before and being closer to home where friends and family can watch him.

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Jannik Hansen and Alex Burrows would probably waive to WPG. But why on earth would the Jets give away Kane for an aging 3rd liner at best in Burrows, and Hansen who is inconsistent, and an unproven goaltender in Markstrom? I would probably throw in Tanev and/or replace Markstrom with Lack because Lack first of all is 26 years old. By the time Miller's contract expires, he'll be 28-29 years old. Markstrom however will be 26-27. The age difference. Lack is ready to be a starting goalie, while Markstrom still needs an extra 1-2 years. And Winnipeg would probably be interested in Lack and he could easily challenge Pavelec with the starting role.

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