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[Discussion] We have to trade a goalie... Who do you trade and to where?

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So it's pretty evident we have to trade either Lack or Jacob with the acquisition of Miller. Otherwise we would lose one of them for nothing on waivers.

So who do you prefer to move? Lack or Jacob?

I think it's safe to say that Lack has slightly higher value. Both have almost identical 1.2 and 1.15 cap hits.

Winnipeg is the choice everyone is assuming but let's say that doesn't pan out. What team do you trade which goalie to and for what return.

Teams that could use a backup/potential future number 1

Winnipeg, Arizona, Buffalo, Minnesota, St. Louis.

Winnipeg: obvious assets I like but would be hard to land unless we add

Kane, Ladd, Wheeler, Little,

Arizona: they got dubby but maybe they'd give us a 2nd rounder for Lack?

Buffalo: Stafford, Stewart, myers... All of which we would obviously have to add to lack to get. Maybe not myers though because of his bad contract

Minnesota: rights to nino, I'd love a shot at spurgeon. These guys desperately need a goalie. I hope harding gets better but it doesn't seem like it.

St. Louis: if I was the blues I would really push for lack or Jacob. Pick(s) or prospect.

Anyone got some good proposals?

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id trade Miller to Buffalo for a 3rd line center and a goalie prospect

edit: perhaps Hodgson

Funny how underrated Miller is in this market place. The guy is a stud goalie.

Lack wasn't ready to play 60-70 games. Jacob is farther away from that.

I would try moving Lack for a roster player and if he is as good as canucks fans think he is he should be able to fetch us a good one.

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Buffalo: no need for them. Loaded for goalie prospects

Arizona: has Visinten and Smith

Winnipeg: could us one of them

Minnesota: Keumper played pretty well in the playoffs

St. Louis: Already have Allen and Binnington

The only team out of the 4 you listed that could use him would be Winnipeg, but I'm not sure we get anything more than a 2nd for one of them unless we package a few players (likely, Tanev, Hansen, picks), for a guy like Kane Wheeler, Ladd, Little, etc.

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Good point OP.

Eddie Lack is 26 years old. He is ready to be an NHL starting goalie. Markstrom is 24 years old. He has still time to grow. When Miller's contract is over, Lack will be 29 already, while Markstrom will be 27. Joacim Eriksson will be 27, and Joe Cannata will be 27. Soon we will have Demko. Wouldn't it make sense if we trade Lack to a team that desperately needs a starting goalie in other words WIN, MIN, BUF, and possibly EDM? With his age, he's already if not mostly maxed out to his potential and is ready to prove himself. I just don't think he will have a chance here in Van if Miller, 34, is the starting goalie for the next 3 years. Markstrom, let's say when he's 26, if he proves himself that he is a starting goalie he could take Miller's job near the end of Miller's contract. Then we can get rid of Miller, Markstrom will be our go-to guy, and we can have either Joacim Eriksson, or Joe Cannta as our Backup and One of them will be the odd man out. But we should realize that Joacim, Joe, and Jacob are all the same age and going to be the same age in the next 3 years. They will be 27. Demko will be 21 and since he's the best goalie in NA in this year's draft, he might quickly become our backup/if not starting goalie.

So my point is, I'd rather trade Lack. And let us see if Markstrom, Cannata, and Eriksson can duel out for that starting role and backup role. Then once they start to age, Demko will be ready for us.

Does this make any sense?

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E. Kane





No chance. (don't worry, I assume you are kidding. Just for those that agree I will respond)

It'll take Lack and Horvat to start and they might return the call. They'll want a high 2015 pick as well.

(no, I would not trade BoHo and neither will Benning and that's why we'll never have Kane)

Anyways I don't think Lack will be here for much longer and Marks has zero trade value. So either we trade lack or lose Markstrom for nothing.

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I like Lack too much to send him packing. Ship out Markstrom and tell Lack he's your guy as soon as Miller's contract is over, or we trade Miller during his 2nd or 3rd season, unless we are super competitive with him.

Trust me I do too but he won't get us much back since torts didn't even play him to showcase any talent.

Jacob has such amazing potential.

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I'd rather keep Lack and move Markstrom, but like many have said Lack would probably have more value at this point. I'm not sure if we could get more than a lower pick and a low to mid-range prospect for Markstrom. Lack would probably fetch us something useful now like a roster player (my vote would be adding some more depth up front).

As for trade partners, I only see the Jets working due to the personnel already on the other teams in net:

Jets: Pavelec / Hutchinson / Comrie

Coyotes: Smith / Dubnyk / Visentin

Sabres: Neuvirth / Enroth / Hackett (RFA)

Wild: Backstrom / Harding / Kuemper (RFA)

Blues: Elliot / Allen / Billington

Actually the Coyotes could maybe use an upgrade in the short term until Visentin is ready for NHL duty (if he reaches his potential)

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