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[Signing] Linden Vey accepts qualifying offer

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When Benning said that it was his spot to take, I'm sure he was talking about the 13th spot. Everyone seems to think he has the 3rd line centre locked up. I agree with your choices except Sestito is above him and I think he will rotate in and out depending on opponents.

Sestito is not above him. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets waived.

Vey is more of a santo replacement with more upside.

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Just checked out Vey's junior statistics with Medicine Hat..In his last year he had 46 goals..116 points...Very impressive..I'm just wondering why he slipped so far down the draft..?...(4th round 96th overall).

Vey was drafted in June of 2009. He played 2 more full years of Junior, the final year of which he led the WHL in scoring.

Toffoli was a late 2nd round pick in 2010.

And Pearson was passed over in 2 drafts before being selected by the kings.

Of the 3 players, Vey had the most productive 19 year old CHL season, but had a lack luster first season, whereas Toffoli produced right off the bat. Of the 3 Vey is the only natural center.

Remains to be seen if he can transition to the NHL, but if you watch his Tigers highlights in his scoring champ season, the kid can score is so many different fassions, nevermind seeing the ice real well and having pillow soft hands. Not to mention he kills penalties, and can play the point on the PP.

Vey is going to be a beauty imo.

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Things that I have noticed about Vey in the youtube clips...(1) he sees the ice really well and distributes the puck very well; (2) Vey is strong with puck possession and a lot of the plays start along the wall from where he fearlessly takes the puck to the net; (3) he's got an uncanny ability to pick the corners with his shots; (4) seems to be able to force neutral zone turnovers which he can quickly transition to offence; (5) sure looks like he has a lot of offensive skills.

Sure like what I've seen so far.

Disclaimer: these observations are made from highlight reels from Vey's AHL/WHL days, so they are obviously biased in his favor. I hope he can translate all of the fine attributes at the NHL level on a consistent basis.

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I noticed that alot of those WHL highlights involved Shinkaruk and Vey playing together on the same line.

Pair these guys together again with Willie as their coach, and maybe they can recapture that chemistry.

A Shinkaruk - Vey - Kassian line has oodles of potential. Definetly worth trying out in the pre-season.
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not entirely convinced by vey yet.

i'm in the camp where this is his do or die year as well. he either performs well, and fills a role in the line up. or he doesn't - and fans will be disappointed.

i really hope vey breaks out, and has a good year.

He has two years at least, he will be only 23 this season. Usually 25 is the year a player has to become a regular or else they probably won't be in the NHL.

Jason Jaffray for example, late bloomer, finally put up great numbers but didn't play into the NHL until he was 26 so he had a very short leash. Pretty much required to come in and perform at a 2nd line level which is extremely hard to do. A guy who is only 23 or 24 is still in "development" and may be given more opportunities, like how Jensen played with the twins.

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