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[Signing] Steve Ott Re-sign with STL

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No way we could of got him. With our salary. We have to sign some people. Virtanen, Mccan and Subban to sign. If subban signs for 500 Virtanen and Mccan sign for 800 we can get exactly 0 cap space. But then it leaves out the russian bear D:

Those guys only affect our cap if they stay with the big club (which they won't).

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It was rumoured that he initially was waiting out on St. Louis because he wanted a longer term contract. Then it came out a couple days ago that the Blues lost interest. Guess he looked at his options and realized that nobody was going to offer him more than a year or two.

I was hoping that the Sabres were going to re-sign him, but it looks like Murray couldn't get rid of the winger that he was trying to trade off.

Buffalo has a whole bunch of stuff nobody wants, and a whole bunch of stuff they want to keep. lol.

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