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Our #2 overall in 1988 was such an amazing selection, with a long stretch of hindsight that's worth reviewing.

After witnessing a tremendous decade of service from Trevor Linden, we turned him into Bert, McCabe & Ruutu from the NYI's. Of course these pieces led to Lu & a Sedin. Imagine if Matthias or Markstrom played very well(going fwd), & we parlayed them into a 2018 1st or 2nd rounder?..Then say that pick went on to a brilliant career,(eg:a 2nd round-unlikely treasure like ROR)? It's conceivable that you could be looking at a HALF-CENTURY return from merely one 2nd overall choice. Not probable..but possible.

By 2018, we'll be at 30 years of service resulting from this 1 draft selection. With all our failed selections over the yrs,(mighta'beens & blatant misses), I really feel this point needs emphasizing. It sure illustrates the fine karma TL was personally dealt in spades. Nice guy to have at the top!

For 1 transaction, people might compare the Neely deal, I believe Boston turned the other piece(2nd?) into Wesley & ultimately Lucic(ouch!). We've had our share of trades we've won outright, but maybe not to this degree.

Potentially, the Kesler pick COULD wind up with the significance of the TL selection, long-term for our franchise. He also gave us a fine decade, then we moved him for a few pieces(nice symmetry).. Imagine Bonino plays great, & a few yrs later we parlay him into a first. Then that pick & McCann become the real deal..it would pay dividends for us over decades, just like our 1988 choice.

To me this is the ultimate in "going green" & recycling. Would also say it's a big factor to how this team has remained fairly competitive(with a few short blips), since the early '90s. This process can be done poorly(like the Flames/Iginla), or correctly, if timed well, as in the Linden(& possibly Kesler) cases.

Out of curiosity, can any recall any other franchise getting so much mileage from 1 draft selection? I'd be surprised if any example could surpass Trevor Linden's.

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I don't know the make up of it but hasn't Eric Lindros netting some sort of ridiculous pay off over time?

Mainly attributable to Forsberg. No doubt they landed a huge haul, but I think many of the other pieces were frittered away, or retired fairly early.

Certainly got them two Cups though, with help from the Roy deal.

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