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Some fans ruined this team, but I STILL BELIEVE!


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Leaving this open for entertainment purposes for now. Too hot to work the controls today.

I believe. That this thread may soar to new heights.

And that somebody's pulling my leg. I mean my hair.



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You and the OP think too highly of yourselves and take yourselves too seriously. Who put you two in charge of determining what comments are intelligent or educated? Fans are fans and everyone has an opinion.

THE positive spin on this team is welcome and certainly Benning and Linden have taken some very convincing steps towards making the team more competitive in the short and long term.

Looking forward to see what this season brings with its new faces and new approach.

The blatant disrespect to the Sedins and many other stars that played/play here isn't educated. 1 season at .7 points per game does not equate to a player needing to be traded/bought out/demoted.

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Fans can only affect a hockey club in two ways:

1. Attendance/Tickets sold in order to "encourage" a wanted change.

2. Booing GMs, coaches, home player(s), or the team as a whole during a game will garner the ownership's attention.

People crying on message boards and hockey internet websites does absolutely nothing one way or the other.

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At the end of the day results matter.

As much as I am a die hard fan of this team results do not lie and I tend to not blame the masses for their frustration.

We have never won a championship in this teams history.

44 years and counting.....people are/have become impatient.

How Victorian...

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Yes there are overly negative people about the team, but there are also ridiculously delusional people as well. The reality is that we're somewhere in between of what both sides say The thing is, if you take off the homer glasses and look at our team from an outsiders perspective, we're a bubble team at best. Yes our prospect pool looks amazing, but the vast majority are at least 2 years away. The other teams in the west are loaded and only getting better.

We're going to be battling for a playoff spot next year, but lets be real, we need a lot of things to go right in order for that to happen. I love what Benning has been able to do so far and I think we're headed in the right direction..the thing is..we're still a bubble team at absolute best. We're taking quite a huge gamble on Vey being able to anchor the third line role and be our key guy on right side draws. We're praying that Bonino can handle the jump in minutes, and is able to continue his upward trajectory upwards to evolve into a true no 2 centre. We all saw how incapable our defense was at the transition game since Ehrhoff left and we didn't really address that at all. If anything, our D unit got worse in the short term.

I feel Miller is extremely overrated and there will be another media "goalie controversy" before his contract is all said and done. He's a solid goalie, but mentally fragile and on the decline. He's 168 lbs, imagine how he's going to fare when the likes of Dustin Brown are crashing his crease?

Sure, We have improved our lineup from last year, but for the most part it has been by the means of bandaid solutions. Every team in the West is going to be better next year, sans san jose, but they will still be an elite team. I can see the direction that management is taking us and I'm very excited for the future, But I am tempering my expectations because I know what an animal the western conference is.

Basically, we have a lot to be excited about moving forward...but we can't be so narrow minded and overlook what is going on with teams around us.I'll say this though.. I'm a lot more confident under Linden/JB going forward than I was under Gillis.

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