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Line Styles

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What do you think is the most effective/important line style combinations? For example, my opinion of the ideal top 6 is :

Line 1 : Power Forward/Sniper -- Play-Making Center -- Power Forward/Sniper

Line 2 : Power Forward/2-Way Winger -- 2-Way Center -- Power Forward/2-Way Forward

Do you think it is better to have 2 way wingers like a Ryan Callahan type? Or to have game breaking wingers like Ovechkin or Semin even though they might be a defensive liability. And do you think the ideal number one center should be a play maker like Henrik or a 2 way forward like Bergeron?

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You need two-way players, but offensive-minded forwards don't have to be liabilities on defense (Hossa, Gaborik, Sharp).

It's hard to say what the perfect line-up is, as many great players are not one dimensional or one playing type. You need a great mix of speed, skill, scoring, defense and physicality on a team.

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The thing is we have line combinations like that.


Burrows(2-Way)-Bonino(2-way)-Kassian(Power forward)

But that is not what should be the top 6. Our prospects are fitting the lines in the future. See what Benning is making?

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You need two-way players, but offensive-minded forwards don't have to be liabilities on defense (Hossa, Gaborik, Sharp).

It's hard to say what the perfect line-up is, as many great players are not one dimensional or one playing type. You need a great mix of speed, skill, scoring, defense and physicality on a team.

Would you sacrifice toughness for skill in the top six?

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unless we're talking about Kane or Giroux, we really don't need to sacrifice one for the other. But if we're talking about Kane/Giroux type of skill, I'd take that over toughness

Agreed, high end skill over toughness. But which wins you games? Especially in the pacific. I guess the right balance is needed (see LA Kings).

I think our future players will bring th right mix. Virtanen = sniper/PWF, Shink = sniper horvat, gaunce, mccann = TWC

Future for the top nine is bright.

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Ideally all players, even the highly skilled ones should try to play a two way game. That's how you keep the puck and create the offensive opportunities.

A good team has these attributes.

a lot of players playing a two way game./ forwards that will skate back and help out in the d zone to retain posession.

people who can score consistently/skill.

a really good pmd.

Team toughness.

an excellent work ethic throughout the team.

Good goaltending

not necessarily in that order

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You need the perfect mix of Powerforward, Playmaker and Sniper.

The sniper sets up, gets free in the zone and ready for the shot. The playmaker handles the puck most of the time in the offensive zone. The powerforward is the good forechecker to retrieve the puck for the others and a great net presence and screen.

All 3 forwards, especially the center, have to be good defensively or the line isn't going to be successful, especially in the playoffs. Some players are so gifted they can act as two or even all 3 of the above types of players which makes the line even more dangerous as they have multiple ways of attacking. Other players who are more one-dimensional (eg. Henrik Sedin only really a playmaker) are much easier to shut-down.

Look at all the successful lines in the NHL, they all work with this same formula:

Kane (PM/S) - Toews (PF/S) - Bickel (PF)

Brown (PF) - Kopitar (PF/S/PM) - Gaborik (S)

Perry (PF/S) - Getzlaf (PF/PM) - Penner (PF/S)

Currently, the Canucks really don't have this chemistry in their lineup, but they could if they employed this and each of the players played to their roles:

Daniel (S/PM) - Henrik (PM) - Kassian (PF)

Vbrata (S) - Bonino (PM) - Higgins (PF)

Hansen (PF) - Vey (PM) - Jensen (S)

Burrows (PF) - Richardson (PF) - Matthias (PF)

I think for a developing team however, it's more important to mix veterans with young kids on the same line so they can grow and be mentored better. Sure Vbrata was brought in for the Sedins, but he's as good a veteran mentor as the twins and so the two should be used to groom younger kids.

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If I was to build a roster Id like to have my #1 centre to be a 2 way guy but with fairly high end skill. He would also be aggressive about going to the front of the opponents net, and be more than willing to pay the price and start trouble there. He would be like a jonathan toews or kesler but park himself in front of the net like a holmstrom and be a real nuisance there.

My 2nd line centre would be an elite agitator who is very physical, fast, and in your face the whole time. He is skilled enough to make decent plays on both ends of the ice but is a big time troublemaker. Brad Marchand would be on my want list for my 2nd line centre.

My first line wingers would be fast, heavy body checking skilled guys. They can brutally pound those #1 dmen on the forecheck and break them down in a playoff series plus pass and shoot. Zack Kassian type guys on both sides.

My 2nd line wingers would consist of a brutal bodychecker who would be headhunting and instilling fear into the guy hes lined up against while also crashing the other teams net HARD and running goalies (raffi torres?). On the other wing would be a very skilled, fast, 2 way guy who can also agitate. Very similar to the #2 center and this 2nd line would get matched up vs the other teams most skilled line and be fast, in their face, physical, and occasional dish out a concussing hit.

My 3rd and 4th lines would be guys who are fast, brutal bodycheckers who just dump it in and pound the opposition in the corners. The centers can win the faceoff and 1 guy on each line is a legit hw fighter as well.

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If I were a coach in the NHL, which I'm not because I lack the skills and knowledge required haha. However if I were I would spread out my different roles,

1st line would be playmaking center, sniper on one wing, and speedy two way forward who can still keep up with the other two on the other wing

Second line would be my strongest two way center, and a couple of bigger forwards who can play shut down style, but also contribute points

Third line would be a prospect up and coming center who could set up some goals playing against other teams lesser lines, and on the wings two good shooters, likely also younger prospect type players

Fourth line, I'd honestly try to fill with goons/energy players that can keep up with the play and straighten out offending players on other teams.

First D pairing would be 1 puck mover and one big shut down guy

Second D would be the 2 best shutdown guys I had (say like a Willie Mitchel/ Robyn Regerh types)

And third pair would be speedy high energy Dmen

Goalie, someone able to make some saves, I think the league has changed in a manner that if you have a strong defense and good two way forwards you don't require an elite goalie to go far. Compared to say 7-10 years ago when teams could literally rely on their goalie to pull them threw tough games, Ie Calgary 04 cup run with Kipper, Edmonton the next season with Roloson absolutely shutting down everyone in the West. TB with Khabibulin in his prime during theirn win. Luongo stealing game after game for the Nucks when they were waiting for the Sedins and Kesler and Edler hit their peak, during 07-09 just before those players all peaked. Brodeur carrying the Devils threw out the late 90s early 2000s. The list could go on. Nowadays I think a strong team defense combined with a few players whomcan pot big goals, is better then a few elite players with a bunch of plugs relying on an elite Goalie to carry them.

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