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[Request] Hall of Fame Theme


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Hey guys,

As an NBA fan, I really admire three players and wish to pattern myself after them

Tim Duncan: quietly accomplished, consistent, reliable, quality team-mate who leads by example
Kobe: winner, confident, take-charge, competitive/ ambitious
Dirk: steps up when the heat is turned up, gritty and clutch, overcame early adversity to become star

Can someone make for me a Hall-of-Fame themed sig with these three guys? Preferably it would be upper-body pics of these three guys, in different positions (e.g. something like Duncan posting up, Kobe jumper, Dirk with his fists in the air, and then an NBA champion trophy on the right? This is more negotiable, as long as it captures the characteristics mentioned above.) Also, I'd like to have the words "Hustle" and "Heart" on it.

Hope it won't be too difficult to make, and thanks in advance!

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Hey it's not too bad at all. Appreciating all the work put in, and I think most of it's there. I think right now the pictures are still slightly over-sized and I'm not really a fan of the fonts (the background I think is okay, not sure myself what "Hall of Fame" theme would look like) but yeah with the right font and reduced image sizes it would look pretty good.

Also, that's the right trophy all right. B)

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Font is easy to change (I think; I forgot how many layers there are) but the reason the players are that size is I thought the sig would look really low-res if I made the players as big as the pictures that were provided (I had to use Google's reverse search to get a bigger version).

Give me a day or so and I'll find time to re-size the players?

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That looks pretty sick. Can I get it with the first one's effect though? I like the sharper coloring, and if the players could be even more spread out so there's no gap on the right of the trophy that would be perfect.

Thanks for the hard work!

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