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Was just having a look at some of the stuff we've heard over the last number of seasons.

IMO there has never been anything that really stood out as far as a straight-up pump your a** up tune for the team to skate out onto the ice to.

Here is a sampling:

Pan flute, followed by U2 .... PAN FLUTE?? :picard:


unknown, followed by U2


Bruce Allen at 0:34 "the one thing it has to possess is that warrior type beat"

I made a quick clip from a Children of Bodom song (Downfall) ... and just looped the beginning. It has a ferrocious pace and would love to hear something like this for a change.
Maybe mix this up with something like the clip of DJ Meg, so it still has the heavy aggressive guitars and drums, but some synth or dubstep beats added in to maybe appease the yuppie dance crowd out there.

link: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/LmtpjcAwVj/

Feel free to add your own here and/or discuss.

Ps. I also loved Crowd Chant for our goal song.

It sure was better than this:

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Everyone is into keeping things local now it seems like drafting virtanen having linden and Co running the team its great. So why not pick a song from one of the local hard rock/metal bands in Van lots of good ones and none of this prissy beats crap.. Unleash the archers, three inches of blood, torrefy to name a few I'm sure they could find a song of one of there's and make it a killer intro

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