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[Proposal] VAN-WIN, VAN-TBL

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Alright.. I'll start with the Tampa proposal.

Alex Killorn, 2015 6th round pick

for Jensen, Markstrom, Grenier, 2nd round pick/3rd round pick(either)

Why Tampa does this ?

Tampa gets a big bodied right winger. They get a B level prospect who has an amazing shot and can score goals if he's playing on a line with a playmaker such as Flippula, Stamkos, or any other center with high end talent/pass first playmaker.

Tampa have just recently signed former Islanders goalie, Evgeni Nabakov. He's turning 39 on July 25th.. He's a great backup goalie nowadays but he might retire after this year. Or the following year. They would probably like a young goalie with lots of potential that can backup Ben Bishop or even take his role when Bishop gets older and etc.. With the signing of Miller, Lack is now the backup( for now) and Markstrom looks like the odd man out.

They also get a 3rd round pick in a deep draft.


for WIN 3rd round pick/or 2nd round pick.

Why WIN does this..

Hansen is a real great 3rd liner that the Jets need. Not some 4th line grinders that put up points once in awhile. Hansen could easily put up about 20-30 points a season. And he's a speedy 3rd line checker that loves to skate. If WIN wants to roll 4 lines.. then adding Hansen would be a great option. And he would probably waive to WIN since he lives in WIN in the offseason..

Line up:






Thoughts ?

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The Lightning don't need a goalie either. They have one two of the top goalie prospects in the game.

Fixed that. Vasilevski and Gudlevskis will intimidate shooters with their skill as much as their last names will intimidate many a young commentator.

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