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Mafia: Sin City


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Man, y'all be hyping Casino Royale on some next level ish. Makes me want to go watch it now.

Goldeneye, both the N64 game and movie goat <3.

Agreed. But you should also watch Casino Royale. And Skyfall. Skip the middle one though.

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No, how is it aside from her presence? I worry it might be over the top like American Horror Story.

I was quite surprised with it actually. I figured it would be campy and ridiculous but it is anything but. The episode where Eva Green's character becomes devoted to Timothy Dalton's character was absolutely excellent. The show as a whole isn't perfect but it is much better than I had anticipated and is worth watching IMO.

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Speaking of which, have you seen the aforementioned film?

And what show would you compare it to in terms of quality? Might download the pilot tonight

I haven't but I am a fan of EG so I will add it to my list of movies to watch.

I actually wasn't a big fan of the pilot (as with most shows, it suffers growing pains), but the later episodes more than make up for it.

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what are you talking about ? you better hope I'm not a special with a kill next game or you're the first to die


Could've done without it. It's like the Catwoman of Bond films. Without the lols. Other 2 are probably top 5, even on an objective level.

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I'm not impressed with you or bassi's inability to lure in the elusive jaw of glass given your camaraderie with the beast in the movie thread.

It's difficult to impossible to get that guy interested in something he wasn't before. If you guys wanted to pull him in, you should've done it with the deadwood game, that's his crap right there. Someone could go ask now though. Dunno his feelings on Sin City.

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