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Video: All NHL teams-logo history in 85 seconds

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Gotta See It: NHL logo history in 85 seconds


An awesome new video shows a geographical time lapse of the all NHL logos since inception.

Ann Frazier has done us all a favour.

In her YouTube-uploaded video titled NHL Through the Years, Frazier creates a geographical time lapse of all NHL logos since the leagues inception in 1917.

We see the Toronto Arenas become the St. Pats become the Maple Leafs; the Atlanta Flames morph northwest to Calgary; the New York Islanders become Captain Highliners favourite team; and the L.A. Kings get more makeovers than an L.A. commoner.

Simple yet enchanting stuff thats worth 85 seconds of your life:

Not only does the time lapse illustrate the expansion of the NHL and the frequently altering logos of some of the identity-crisis-suffering clubs within, it is wonderfully set to Brass Bonanza, the longtime theme song of the now transposed Hartford Whalers.

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