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(Rumor) Evander Kane to Van

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Winnipeg needs to win, and win now or Chevy is going to be put out to pasture really quickly. Because of this, I can't see them trading for anyone they aren't completely sure is ready to compete and contribute in the NHL right now.

So, I do think that Winnipeg needs to move Kane, and if Canucks were to trade for him (highly doubt it) I think our pitch would look more like this:

To Van:

E. Kane

2016 5th rounder

To Winnipeg (doesn't that sound like a game show for pirates?)

Markstrom or Lack - They need someone who is able to push Pavelec

Matthias - Good size, plays left side like Kane

Jensen - Good skater, excellent shot, is ready for the NHL

2016 3rd rounder

That would move Winnipeg much closer to being able to roll 4 lines and give them reasonable depth.

It would open up another spot on the Canucks for Horvat or another young player.

Now, I really don't believe this trade would happen, but....new line up:

Sedin, Sedin, Vrbata 18 - 20 min a night

Kane, Bonino, Kassian 15 - 18 min a night

Burrows, Vey, Horvat/Hansen 12 - 15 min a night

Higgins, Richardson, Dorsett 8 - 10 min a night


Hamhuis, Bieksa

Edler, Tanev

Sbisa, Stanton



Lack or Markstrom

We roll 4 lines with 4th carrying 9 - 10 min a night, most nights, really balanced approach.

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IMO, I don't think we should do any trade of this magnitude until someone emerges as a 2nd line center. We are hoping for Bonino and maybe all will be well this year and the team makes the playoffs. Losing that many trade pieces when we are not 100% on the team being solid up the middle in the NHL is a risky venture. That's how the Toronto maple Leafs are made. We don't wanna be them.

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#BREAKINGNEWS #Canucks making HUGE push for Kane. Offer on the table Burrows+Markstrom+Shinkaruk+1st. Ball in #NHLJets camp. #CONFIRMED

Seems like a legit source but you could add it to the rumours.

No offence, but that dude's such a fat, lying pushover that even Luongo called him out on Twitter once.

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Winnipeg would NEVER, EVER sit on that deal, they'd go it in a heart beat.

The Winnipeg GM has never made a trade in his time as a GM, seems like a patient guy, especially with there franchise player. People need to realize there is no prospect the canucks have to compare to trading a Kane away. It would be like Edmonton trading Hall, or Dallas trading Benn

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Ridiculous overpayment. Kane has only hit 30 goals once so he aint no star yet. He could easily flake out like a Trent Hunter. And why would we overpay when we have the upper hand in trade talks? Everyone knows Kane wants out of Winnipeg. Lowball the hell out of him and hope thier idiot GM bites.

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I just think this is a completely fake story.

But it got me thinking how GMs talk when they are throwing around trade proposals to one another, with first round picks involved....

Benning. "So Shink, Markstrom, Burrows, and yeah we will throw in the first round pick next year"

Cheveldayoff "Your first rounder will be like 15th-20th"

Benning. "Oh you never know, we might suck"

I guess in some ways it almost handcuffs Benning. Both men know it will most likely be a late teen pick, with a chance it could be higher or lower. Benning really can't try to sell the point it might be that franchise player type pick

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I would not give them Shinkaruk and the 1st. The 1st Rounder+ Markstrom+ Burrows seems like enough.

In a heartbeat.....

I would even toss in Lack over Markstrom.

Ya we loose a bit of depth in the 1st and Shinkaruk but we gain a young superstar that fits this division and immediately makes us a factor. Still only 23, gives us another 10+yrs of service

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