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[Signing] Devils re-sign Andy Greene

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Mike Halford@HalfordPHT

I enjoy that in an era where some teams release every bit of contractual detail, New Jersey won't even tell you how many years it's for.

Mike Morreale@mikemorrealeNHL

Andy Greene led the Devils in blocked shots (129), avg. ice time (24:34), avg. shifts per game (29.1) during the 2013-14 season.

Andy Greene is currently the third longest-tenured member of the Devils after forwards Patrik Elias and Travis Zajac.

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3 Stanley Cups.

And STILL no one cares...

That's when you know a franchise should not exist.

Put putting that aside, what that organization did to the NHL in the 90's is one of the worst things to ever happen to the game, the league never really recovered.

I'm no Bettman hater, I think the guy is just doing his job, and doesn't deserve the heat he gets, but the one thing that I will never forgive him for was his lack of action during the mid to late 90's.

The on-ice product was going down the tubes fast, to the point where ever die-hard fans were having trouble watching. Bettman needed to do something about it and he just stuck his head in the sand and pretended like it wasn't happening.

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I could of posted this but I was to lazy. I knew about it like an hour ago

Bonus points for knowing about the signing before it got posted by Vintage Canuck. Obviously a Napoleon who needs his tires pumped. ItsMillerTime...he's the man.

Back on topic...good signing by NJD.

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I knew a bout it like a hour and one minute before VC posted is

15 yard penalty for piling on, B2M...do they even call piling on penalties in football anymore?

Off topic: just for you, B2M, I'm on board with Burrows as second line LW and shuttling with Vrbata to/from 1st line with the Sedins. I'm calling it now...Burrows will give us 22G-26A-48P...and he'll finally get some earned respect from the officials this season.

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