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Snet Pacific staff changes - Taylor & Cmac gone

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  • 1 month later...

I'll miss Taylor, but right now I'm missing Western centric reporting and coverage.

Rogers went out and hired every dingbat from the CBC, including P.J. "I think I'm going to cry" Stock. Most of them from out East. They don't really know anything about the Canucks and constantly show their ignorance and bias.

I don't enjoy wading through a half hour of Eastern highlights before getting any Canucks news. If they don't fix that, it is a major oversight, a slight to the Western viewers, and disappointing in the extreme.

Hopefully, TSN will put together a show for us Westerners and hire Don Taylor to host it.

I can't believe Rogers didn't take this opportunity to whittle down the CBC roster by 80 per cent. Lame!

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Stopped watching tsn highlights after Onrait and O'toole left.

Stopped watching sportsnet because all they talk about is the East(Leafs).

Don't have sportsnet 360 because there isn't a chance in hell i'm adding $12 to my package for 1 channel.

So lately I've just been watching the highlights online on tsn.ca and youtube.

Soon I won't even use my TV.

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Now that hockey is back this is sinking in more. Why keep Dan Murphy? The guy is so vanilla and boring he's like a generic businessman. The Canucks coverage seems so terrible for all the interest in them, I'd rather watch Taylor, Valk, Shorty and Garrett in a room with a single camera for a post game show than most of Connected.

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