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Online petition with 73000 signatures for Weird Al to play the Super Bowl


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Who the frack is KK ref and why should i care? The poll only demonstrates that there is a built in guaranteed number of people out there that will sign anything as long as it's a petition.

Nah, people are lazy in general. Some people will sign anything if it's put in front of them, but for this to get 73000 signatures - actually 103406 currently - means there's a big enough drive and actual fans of the idea voting.

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Doubt it will happen, but I would watch for sure. The half-time bands lately have sucked, even when it's artists I like. And I hate the lame attempt to help them out by bringing in some surprise supporting star. Of course, I'm getting on towards old-fartdom, and could care less about so many of the new pop stars, so consider me biased.

Weird Al includes the OC Fair in his concert tours regularly, so I've seen him live 4-5 times. While there is repetition, the show is still a lot of fun. The audience participation in "I'm Fat" always gets you out of your seat ;) and the clips where he "interviews" music stars are usually funny.

He is clearly a special talent.

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Why the hell wouldn't you watch this?? It would be beyond hilarious!

He could come out to "Fat" or "Eat It" and just kill it!

I kinda wonder how it would play on a SuperBowl stage, but certainly no worse than many of the other recent acts.

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