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List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks


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Bet BanTSN would be in the top 5.

I'm already an award-winner. Ask Gooseberries.

I think anyone saying Burrows or Kesler is either a troll or a bit over-sensitive to trades. They were awesome for us and deserve 100% of our respect, even if Burrows is a hair-pulling biter and Kesler an egocentric diver and selfish ahole.

I guess that goes for Luongo as well. Easily the best goaltender we ever had. Pretty sure we liked all the wins he stole for our rather pathetic, shallow lineups we had over the early years he was here.

My most-hated is probably Nathan Lafayette. Damn that guy for hitting the post. (lol just saw dean's post. Ha ha. I said post.)

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I wasn't able to appreciate hockey at an intelligent level until I was a teenager, so starting from the year 2000 (didn't hate any of these players, just disliked). Some of them were decent players, most were pretty bad. The majority were guys I just didn't root for, and felt there were other players I would rather see on the roster.

Felix Potvin

Dan Cloutier

Drake Berehowsky

Denis Pederson

Mike Brown 1

Marek Malik

Trevor Letowski

Martin Rucinsky

Steve McCarthy

Lee Goren

Eric Weinrich

Keith Carney

Maxime Ouellet (abysmal goalie)

Mika Noronen (walked away when we picked up Luongo, cost us a pick)

Jan Bulis

Lukas Krajicek

Jeff Cowan

Bryan Smolinski

Marc Chouinard

Brad Isbister

Byron Ritchie

Mason Raymond

Alex Edler

Ryan Kesler

Mats Sundin

Darcy Hordichuk

Mathieu Schneider

Aaron Rome

Alexandre Bolduc

Keith Ballard

Dale Weise

Marco Sturm

Cam Barker

Yannik Weber

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i liked all my canucks except keenan.....torts second........otherwise the players all tried to win for me....

I have to agree with you there. I admit being positive when both were hired but soon saw things for what they are.

Most recently finding out that Torts was enjoying Point Roberts with his dogs instead of being at practices sheds light on the team's commitment from the top down. Everything was so guarded so it would, including Gillis.

As far as Keenan I'll never forgive him for trading Linden, all be it for Burtuzzi, the Canucks handled it very poorly.

Not until now has that circle rounded for full heeling. Even with the fact that Burke brought him back there seemed a lingering remembrance to the atmosphere regarding Linden . During the Gillis era Linden was low key regarding the Canucks. His most recent absence was the retiring of Bure's number. Linden said he had a previous commitment. I suspect, only my hunch nothing else, that Gillis was the reason Linden didn't come. Sorry got off course.

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Wasn't able to watch hockey till 2004, so this is my list since that time.

Jarko Ruutu- Knows how to take a penalty at terrible times

Mason Raymond- Liked him and first, but it became clear he was a one trick pony and reached his ceiling

Taylor Pyatt - Could never pull off anything he attempted to do.

Alex Edler - Aye-yai-yai, what happened to you? hope you bounce back this year.

Shane O'Brien - Always tried to imitate Ehrhoff's rushes and always struggled while doing it.

All I can really think of right now. There were other bad players that were once a Canuck, but I don't hate them (Booth for example).

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Luongo - unfunny and unprofessional tweets as well as ego and wanted out

Hard to blame a guy for wanting out after being pushed out publicly.

Would have to agree with everyone who says Hodgson. Everything from his Jake Lloyd face to his parental trade demands.

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Inspired by the other thread, here's mine. Bored, I am. I think I'll try to seperate Disliked from Disappointed In, because there have been a lot of disappointing players or player performances over the years.

Linden era:

Petr Nedved - Acted all high and mighty after one alright season and pretty much demanded out, if memory serves, which it doesn't.

Gerald Diduck - Threw away a life and decent career here to chase glory down south, but he's not even American.

Jimmy Carson - Not his fault entirely, but he never seemed to fit in at all.

Jeff Brown - Liked him when he was here, but didn't exactly like that he forced the team into a horrendous trade scenario.

Josef Beranek - Not much to like. Mistake to get him onboard.

Roman Oksuita - Ditto

Alexander Semak - Aw, remember the hype around this guy when we got him? Why? So done.

Messier era:

John McCaw - Multi-billionaire didn't care for this team nor was willing to spend anything on it other than bare minumum. But at least the team didn't fold. Yay.

Mark Messier - The only money McCaw did spend went to this guy. Just a bad, bad, bad idea.

Garth Snow - Silliest goaltending shoulder pads ever and just a horrendous performer that's hate-worthy.

Josh Holden - Not so much hating the kid rather than hating the decades of drafting futility.

Steve Staios - Dunno, just didn't like him. When he went to Edmonton it fit.

Steve Kariya - All the hype around him kinda made me dislike him. Why not Brent Gretzky?!?

Harold Druken - Ugggh. Just the thought of him made me cringe.

Lubomir Vaic - gtfo

Felix Potvin - Hated him in TO, hated him here, hated him in LA when he proceeded to play good again.

Naslund era:

Jan Hlavac - Ugh, pass.

Dan Cloutier - Sorry, Dan. Just not all that likeable.

Brandon Reid - All flash, no presense. So frustrating.

Fedor Fedorov - Ditto.

Martin Rucinsky - Good God, why? Never liked him from shift 1 to his trip to the airport outta here.

Richard Park - Freakin' Nonis and his Minnesota moves were detestable.

Dave Nonis - Unlikeable, idiotic GM. Pretty sure Luongo was in the works by Burke before he even started. Him in TO is a fit.

Keith Carney,

Eric Weinrich,

Sean Brown,

Mika Noronen - All reminders of how stupid Nonis was. Can't say I enjoyed the presense of any of them.

Jan Bulis - Just a totally unlikeable player.

Lukas Krajicek - OMG the hype-job on this freakin' turd. Upsetting.

Tommi Santala - Forehead-slap!

Marc Chouinard - Guilty of sloth.

Ryan Shannon - See Brandon Reid. One spin-o-rama shootout goal was about it for his time here.

Matt Pettinger - Useless.

Sedin era:

Kyle Wellwood - Never really liked this droopy dog person and his cheeseburger-related TO baggage.

Shane O'Brien - Dude scored on himself. His attitude stunk worse than his play, which was pretty damn bad.

Mathieu Schneider - Didn't like him too much when he could still play. When we got him he couldn't, but he thought he was an all-star. Fool.

Aaron Rome - Sorry Romer, but you stunk. Smooth move on that late hit though when we were already down Hamhuis. That's your career highlight? UGHHH.

Cody Hodgson - Certainly can't like you now, that's for sure. 'Mr. Future Franchise.' Even if it was all Gillis, I am glad you're gone, overrated prick.

David Booth - Probably the most frustrating player I've seen put on a Canuck jersey. And that's one tall order. Keep on tweeting religious mumbo jumbo and hunting pictures, idiot.

Mike Duco - Junk player with junk attitude.

Derek Roy - Never liked 'Roy Baby' from day one of rumours on getting him, sorry.

Sorry for the epic list again. A lot of these guys are probably great guys just caught in the wrong place and time to form this meaningless and inconsequential opinion from a mega-bored CDC user.

By writing this I have gained no deeper knowledge about myself, and no new understanding can be extracted from reading it. There has been no reason for me to tell you any of this. This opinion has meant nothing.

Don't think you did a good job of seperating dislike from disappointed if you have guys on your list due to being over-hyped (Semak, Kariay, etc.) or not living up to their potential (Reid, Shannon, etc.) I think disappointed has to do with their production or lack there of, while disliking generally has to do with specific on-ice or off-ice actions that affected the team or fans in a negative way.

For me, it's Brown and Messier. Brown's whole ordeal with McLean cause quite a stir in the dressing room. Also Messier taking Trev's captaincy was classless IMHO. I get that Linden did offer it, but Messier being the new guy in the dressing room should have said no. He could have been content with an "A" which I guarentee he would have been given...

Hodgson was a funny situation but I'm not happy the way it got handled. I think both parties are to blame in this one though, which is why I didn't add him to my list...

These are just my opinions though...

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Keith Carney. So so so bad.

Eric Weinrich. Came in with Carney... Again so so so bad


Cory Schneider (uh oh people gonna be pissed)

Tortorella all time most hated for me. I hate him.

Honestly that's about it. I don't really hate our players at all.

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1.Petr Nedved...His idolization of Gretzky was plain embarrassing ..Nedved had the same helmet and tucked his sweater in..To top it off,he asked for Gretzkys stick after we got eliminated by the Kings in the playoffs..He then demanded a trade..an immature twerp.

2.Donald Brashear..He was a good fighter but had zero class or integrity..IMO

3.Jarrko Ruutu..He did his agitator job well..He just bugged me because he always turtled (like Matt Cooke).

I don't understand why other cdc posters hate guys because they didn't come up to standards as far as their hockey ability is concerned..Why hate a guy for that..

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