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List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks


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Messier, should never have signed him. We should have kept Larionov no matter what it took. Bure probably would have been happier.

He's in a class all on his own.

2. Nedved. Anyone that loses a game to the LA Kings then has the gall to ask Gretzky for an autograph? Really? Should have took Jagr.

3. Jeff Brown for the crap that happened off the ice.

4. Esa Tikkanen

5. Martin Rucinsky, what a waste

6. Libor Polasek waste of a pick

7. Jason Herter, waste of a pick

8. Dan Woodley , waste of a pick

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I started watching the Canucks in 2003 so I can't hate the obvious one (Messier).

As many already pointed out, I don't hate players because they didn't perform.

Two players that bugged me were Cody Hodgson and Mathieu Schneider. If I remember correctly Schneider had an attitude and wanted more ice-time even though he was slow and sucked...then he threw a hissy fit and was let go after a couple of games (or sent down to the AHL? Can't remember). Just terrible.

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Leave it to TOML to come up with a re-thread of most disliked Canucks and post his own list of over 40 players lol.

Ease up there Laffs.

Anyhow, I'm not one to abstain, but this is a hands-down no-brainer.

Messier and Keenan are the biggest mistakes the franchise ever made.

The other prima-donnas.... Nedved, Hodgson - were flipped for excellent returns, so hard to bother to dislike them because I liked the players that came back so much, making those dramas rather gratifying in the end..

Likewise with Luongo who had his annoying moments, but he's a wash - played some great hockey here, played some meh hockey here, said some regrettable things, but hey, dislike is further than I'd go, and quite happy with Matthias and Markstrom.


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