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List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks


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Messier first and foremost.

Cowan -Terrible at everything.

Glass - His lack of effort in the playoffs annoyed me to no end. Dude is an NHL scrub and won't even hustle smh.

Kesler - Selfish, giant ego, diver, whiner and talks a better game than he plays.

Cloutier - He sunk the team in the Wild playoff series.

Nonis - Just an awful GM that was way overrated, I'm so glad he's gone.

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This is easy.

Mark Messier is my most hated Canuck of all-time, EVER, for the rest of time. He is quite possibly the biggest douche in the universe (next to John Edward and Ursula the Giant Douche).

Next are...

Ratt Cooke

Max Lapierre

Anyone else is just a mild distaste.

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Mark Messier (Hated him as an Oiler, Ranger, and a Canuck - one of the dirtiest players of all time.)

Keenan (not a player, but HATED him here!)

Jarkko Ruutu (Stupid penalties, hurt the team more than he helped)

Tikkanen (Ex Ranger, crapped all over the Canucks organization when he left)

Sopel (The opposition had a good scoring chance every time he was on the ice)

Rucinsky (Trade deadline bust)

M Petit (Dirty, dirty, dirty)

Cooke (Weasel. Had his upside for sure, but I couldn't look past his antics)

B Bradley (Whiner)

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Messier No one comes close to him in my opinioin

Torts and Keenan, yea they ain't players but they made the team suck.

Mason Raymond. One trick pony, circle the net, pivot by the boards and lose the puck.

Whomever fired Pat Quinn.

Cody Hodgson....what an attitude. I hope he sucks all career long.

Peca. Yup I said it.

Pavel Bure, cause I just can't excite everyone like he does.

Henrik Sedin, because I can only get one in ten passes that look as good as his worst pass.

Essensa I painted my street hockey mask and he stole my design. I HATE HIM.

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I haven't always followed hockey closely so I will list from recent memory ;

Aaron Rome - Useless in every zone, then took stupid penalties on top. I blame this guy for 2011.

Runners up ;

Ehrhoff for leaving and killing our PP in the process

Kesler for his ego and stubbornness

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Rome was awesome.

No player frustrates me more than Edler, it's at the point where I am personally offended by his play. He's just so unbelievably terrible.

I'm not an Edler hater but you made me laugh with that. I won't minimize your feelings, I have felt that way about players in the past and it sucks to care THAT MUCH!

I feel you bro.

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Well the #1 spot is easy. Messier by a country mile. No player has done more harm to this franchise than that goofball.

First with the Oilers, then in the 94 finals with the Rangers. Then he finished it off by coming here and collecting pay cheques while going for leisurely skates.

Dan Quinn was a such a slacker. can't believe they let him wear the "C".

Jeff Brown for reasons other have pointed out.

I saw someone mentioned Craig Janney and I have to agree. Even though he never wore a Canuck jersey. He was the compensation for St Louis signing Nedved and he balked at coming here. Imagine him centering Bure.

Dave Capuano for thinking he was better than he was and demanding a trade. He was traded and went on to play another 10 NHL games.

Surprised no one mentioned Robert Nordmark. The fans basically ran him out of town. Towards the end he was boo'd every time he touched the puck and was even boo'd when he got the 2nd assist on a goal.

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Was going to say Jan Bulis, and I guess I still did mention him, but the one that frustrated me the most was Anson Carter. Not because he didn't produce when he was with the Canucks, but because his career predictably went down the toilet when he left because he thought he deserved more money. Had he been smart enough to realize that it would have been in his best interest to take a paycut and re-sign with the Canucks, he would have ended up playing longer and making more money simply because he would have played with the Sedin's. He was great to watch for the one season, it was just too bad he couldn't realize that he played really well BECAUSE he was with the Sedin's.

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Hate thread.

Lets stop encouraging hate.

The Messier hate was predictable, but I have to say I'm a bit mystified by people who "hate" players that barely played a season for the Canucks and were borderline NHLers to begin with.

Also, it seems to me that not being an above average contributor is enough to earn the hatred of some Canuck fans.

Tough crowd, indeed....

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Anyone that actually paid attention to canucks games can't deny he was Mr clutch and a phenomenal player for what he was making.

5.6 seconds to go in game 7 Matt Cooke cashed in vs the flames and also game 1 vs the wild Matt Cooke scored with 1 second left.

Cooker is one of my favourite canucks. He bread guys like burrows and kesler who led us to a cup final

Haha. Bread.

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Lol hate thread of your own guys?

Well divisional rival here I'll get down in this.

In nir particular order

-Tuomo Ruutu-chirped agitated

-Willie Mitchel(although I love his style and respect his ability as a shut down guy, he always frustrated me back in the 05-09 era, he was good at shutting Iggy down. Iggy got by once or twice though. pS love him as a player, just not a Canuck

-Kesler, just embarrassing diving, whining, overrated

-Burrows, pest, diver, ref barker, still have an image in my head of that game around maybe 09 or 10 when he barked at Godard, then did a full turtle to avoid having his skull caved in lol, I thing he was expecting someone to step in and take the fight for him, but there no Nucks that year that would dar dance with Godard.

Bieksa- diver, whiner, doesn't sack up and take responsibility for his own mistakes

That's in, and to prove I'm not trolling ill go to a post the the face Nucks thread as welk

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