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Worst overalls for NHL 15


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90 is pushing it, but he's an incredible defensive player, thus his high rating.

It's like as soon as he's not a Canuck, everyone freaks out and finds reasons to put him down.

He's not that incredible defensively. If Kesler is a 90 OVR, why isn't Jordan Staal? Why isn't Mike Richards? Why aren't a handful of other 2nd line shutdown centers who put up 40-50 points?

2011 Kesler would definitely be worthy of 90 OVR ... The Kesler we've seen the last 3 years is nowhere close to being that guy ...

Also, of note:

Kesler and Luongo both got substantial boosts as soon as they were traded OUT of Vancouver (Kesler following the worst 2 seasons of his career) ... Ditto with Schneider last year ...

Of course it's going to stir a reaction with Vancouver fans when that happens ...

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If you actually look at the individual stats, it seems pretty accurate to me.

I say they got it right. You put the individual stats in, and whatever the overall comes out as, it comes out as.

Also. This year it appears the rating scale is different. There are 8 guys who cracked 93, another 8 are at 92, 7 guys at 91, and Another 10 guys at 90. 33 players cracked 90 this year. Last year only 19 cracked 90. It's really not that big of a deal that he's a 90. I'm just mad I can't use him at 90 in this game

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What was his rating last year, 87? I don't get how he could go up to 90 after last season.

Seems like a general bump in overall to the average Top 6 players. Also, EA loves 2 way players and always give them crazy high overalls due to their defensive category.

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