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Mafia 117: Stars Hollow- game on!


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Beluga Whale
Big Mike

^all tend to be more quiet than him. I'd add Lucy but she's already posting quite a bit

I don't like lynching people just for favouring a quiet playing style, though. And there's lots to read from with the more active posters

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What the heck is a Gilmour Girl?

oh, and

Vote Dral

for the weird post about BHB - whose play-style has been described by one-hundred-and-twelve.

I agree that Dral's post was untrue. BHB can definitely be helpful and I'm always surprised just how caught up he is in the game.

However this post by Ilduce looks an awful lot like trying to blend in.

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For the record, Luciferase hasn't been very talkative about the game so far. She was the same way last game too as mafia, though, so I can't read too much into it.

112 has seemed pretty TP-like so far to me. A lot less reason to be PM watching if you're mafia.

Well unless there's a mafia sacrifice involved. Otis likely wouldn't be the sacrificial lamb though, so I agree with you in this case.

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