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My first thread. Be gentle guys. Seeing as we're being all nostalgic about 2011 etc etc and seeing as we're naming our favourite and least favourite canucks, I figure why not post our favourite moments. 2011 was a big year so there's a few good memories for me there. But there's a few others too.

-Bure's OT winner on Vernon in '94

-Burrows "slaying the dragon" against Chicago in 2011.

-Kesler's beast mode against Nashville

-Luc Bourdon's tribute night. "Big League" by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider sounded amazing. A great moment for a terrible accident. RIP Luc.

-Ryp's tribute. A mean when necessary grinder who was a lot of fans favourite. RIP Ryp.

- The clinic put on by the Sedin's against Calgary in the final game of the season (I think), 2010. One of the more beautiful goals I've ever seen.

- more of a picture, but the image of McLean and Linden, with blood all over his jersey is forever burned into my memory

- "Greg Adams! Greg Adams!" Enough said

I could go on, but I'm curious as to others favourites.

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For me, it's gotta be Burr's dragon slaying in 2011. There were some other moments that were cool too, like Hank's OT goal against Dallas in game 1 of the 2007 playoffs too.

Burr's goal has already been posted, but Hank's hasn't, so here it is:


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Game 5 of San Jose, Game 7 of Chicago, Bure's retirement, Sedin 4ot goal, and game1,2, and 5 vs Boston which made me think we were going to win. I haven't been as excited as much as the 2011 Stanley cup playoffs. I hope we can get to the old days soon, and I believe we will.

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Linden's last game (the moment not the score)

Burrows Ot dragon slayer

Luongo's save on Ben Eager

Bieksa's series winner

Torres' and Burrows' goals in the SCF

2nd straight Presidents Trophy (saw it live)

Bieksa's goal against the sharks is still one of the weirdest goals I ever seen lol

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