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Canucks Jerseys?


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Im looking to purchase two Vancouver Canucks Jerseys.

One of which is a Vintage Pavel Bure Canuck jersey and one is a Kassian Canuck Jersey.

I am looking for a website to purchase the vintage Pavel Bure jersey.
Can anyone assist me with a website or company or shop somewhere that sells these jerseys?

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That does not help, thanks your your lack of support though. I am looking for a VINTAGE pavel bure jersey.

Do you have a specific website that is a legit official seller of the NHL's Jerseys?

I'd say it was pretty good, the first link was the NHL shop, the next was the Canucks team store, another was the Canucks 'spot the fake' page and there was even a link to Jersey City, which is a decent online store as far as I know. Would it be that hard to have typed in "vintage pavel bure jersey" into those same search results if you wanted something more specific?

Sure, not every result you'll get is reputable, but if you start with a post that says nothing about whether or not you've done any searching and if you'd had trouble finding reputable sites that's the response you're going to get.

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