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12 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

 I never told them about my epic cheese failure.  I'm having a babybel right now and it reminded me.

Babybels were always our secret weapon when we had to give pills to our dog, Max.


The cheese is soft enough we could push the pill right into it and he would scarf it down, no matter how rough he was feeling.  He loved those things!

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I confess ~

There’s a towel on my kitchen floor.  I used it to clean up water, and the cat immediately took to the towel by pouncing on it and rolling around.  She’s my precious, so it’s hers.  


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I confess ~


When I was 7 or 8, I was obsessed with Joey McIntyre of NKOTB.  My friend and I would spend hours of watching NKOTB on VHS.  When NKOTB toured, I never went to their concerts, but other kids in the neighborhood got to go.  It was not until 2019 when I attended my first NKOTB concert.  I sat close to the stage, in row 7 or 8. But before the show, I was in the VIP area, and there was Joey McIntyre riding around in a banana bicycle in the back of the room, and no one noticed, but I noticed, and I kept starring, watching him ride around.  It was my moment and when no one other noticed. Not saying a word, but watching.  Joe McIntyre is no longer my favorite, but gosh, that Jordan is one handsome fella! 

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Many years ago we moved into a new house. In the bathroom was a shiny new bidet, which I was only very vaguely familiar with and had never used. After taking care of business I slid over to take it for my first test drive. I reached around behind me and turned on the hot and cold water then opened the third faucet to adjust the pressure. Once I felt clean I reached behind again to turn the jet off. Unfortunately I picked the wrong faucet and turned the cold water off. The jet of HOT water suddenly shooting up my behind sent me screaming and flying off the bidet! There I was laying on the floor with my feet tangled up in my pants with a fountain of hot water spraying everywhere!


As God is my witness it never dawned on me to face the other way...

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I confess ~


It's been my second confession today.  I spent close to $50 on face wash from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.  I strive to be frugal and take pride in saving and spending less, but this time I was not being frugal.  I love the Blue Lagoon, and when I bought the face wash, I was thinking about how much I love the Blue Lagoon and Iceland. 



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I confess ~


I was on my essential walk today and walked past a free box with a bunch of chocolate in it! I was very tempted to take some of it.  I mean, it was Russell Stover Easter chocolate and Hershey's.  But, I decided to pass.  It was hard, but I have a bunch of chocolate on the counter right now.

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