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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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I definitely think we've set a record for number of posts in a round with no discussion and only votes...

Really hope the TP alliance is getting together soon or you guys are in trouble

Because there really isn't anything to discuss, this including a lackluster 1st round. C'est la vie.

Already voted Otis for tiebreaker vote last night

Vote2 Apples

^ Really a random vote, just need to get one in because I didn't vote during the first nightfall. Will change if needed.

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OTTS - mau5trap, Kryten, Time Lord, KH, Toews, BM
KH - OTTS, Aladeen, BW, Kakanucks, BDM, Virt, PPCLI, SteveStamkos, VIC, Apples, Gfy, king Alex, otherwise

King Alex - BW, KH
BW - Kakanucks,
Rick Grimes - Kryten
Virt - BDM
BDM - Virt, king alex, Aladeen
OTTS - Stevestamkos
g_bassi - BM
Kryten - Timelord, VIC
SteveStamkos - Peaches
BM - Apples
Toews - OTTS
appels - mau5trap
cfan9191 - gfy
time lord - otherwise

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Votes are in and he city of lies has SPOKEN! King Heffy and BDM are to hang!

The Brotherhood has made their kill! They slit the throat of PPCLI

The Town Commander of the Watch has brought a criminal to justice and has killed Kryten!



TCW: Master Radishes (The Company)

Lynch: King Heffy (Tainted)
Lynch2: BDM (Tainted)
The Brotherhood kill: PPCLI (Tainted)
TCW: Kryten (Occult)

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Seriously! :(

Do I get last words???

Please tell me yes Dral!

I think you've already had your last words :P

not to mention the PM you sent me with the title "Occult" (like I am somehow supposed to know what that means) threatening me from beyond the grave LOL

Even after death you are obsessed with the Aladeen, I get it but its time to let go BDM.

Rest now sweet BDM you deserve it.

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I have added 3 random players to BDMs PM to me, just to show that I have nothing to hide. And even if she doesn't get her last words I encourage her to put whatever she has to say in there so these players can see what it says.

Also I am not sure why she would think she doesn't get last words, when has a lynched person not gotten last words.

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