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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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Votes are in and he city of lies has SPOKEN! Cfan9191 is hung

The Brotherhood have made their kill! They try to slit the throat of SteveStamkos! But Stammer was SAVED and is still alive!

The Tainted did not make a kill tonight!

The Company have stabbed Time Lord in the back!

Warriors from a rival faction went on a rampage and have killed SteveStamkos, Rick Grimes and King Alex!



Lynch6: Cfan9191 (The Company)

Company: Time Lord(Botherhood)

Warrior Kill:


Rick Grimes (The Company)

King Alex(Botherhood)

Lynch5: Ilduce(Tainted)

Brotherhood: Apples (Town)

TCW: Kakanucks (Botherhood)

warrior: Otherwise (The Company)

Lynch4: VIC (The Company)

Tainted kill: Toews(The Company)

TCW: Peaches (Tainted)

Warrior kill: Beluga Whale (Botherhood)

Lynch3: Aladeen (Botherhood)

Brotherhood Kill: Virtanen (The Company)

Tainted Kill: Big Mike (The Company)

Company kill: g_bassi (Tainted)

TCW: GFY (Botherhood)

TCW: Master Radishes (The Company)

Lynch: King Heffy (Tainted)
Lynch2: BDM (Tainted)
The Brotherhood kill: PPCLI (Tainted)
TCW: Kryten (Occult)

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1. Aladeen Brotherhood Shadow Council 25. GFY Brotherhood 16. KingAlex Brotherhood 9. Time Lord Brotherhood Guild Leader 6. Kakanucks Brotherhood 11. Beluga Whale Brotherhood Lackey 19. Mau5trap Brotherhood 13. Otis Brotherhood 21. ilduce39 Tainted Shadow Council 22. Peaches Tainted 23. smithm12- (Bms bro) Tainted 2. Stevenstamkos Tainted 3. g_bassi13 Tainted 4. BurrDaMan Tainted Lackey 8. King Heffy Tainted 12. PPCLI Tainted Guild Leader 17. VICanucksfan5551 Company Shadow Council 18. Big Mike Company 24. Rick Grimes Company 20. Intoewsables Company 5. Virtanen87 Company Guild Leader 14. otherwise Company Lackey 7. Master Radishes Company 10. canucksfan9191 Company 15. Kryten Occultist 26. Apples TCW

edit: so yes, there were 3 mafia teams, 1 cultist and 1 SK...

each mafia team had a lackey, voted for a guild leader and a secret shadow council member (who won with each other and not with their mafia team)

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I'm really curious to know how active your respective teams were... lots of players didn't submit actions every night and even the mafia teams didnt' submit their mafia kills a couple times - that was probably the difference maker right there.

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